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Student charged with stealing free milk from school

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Dumfries, Va. -- The mother of a Virginia middle school student said she was angry, frustrated, and mad after her son was handcuffed, suspended from school, and charged with stealing a 65-cent carton of milk from the cafeteria.

As it turned out, Shamise Turk's son Ryan was on the school's free lunch program and the milk was free.

The situation began May 10th at Graham Park Middle School in Triangle when Ryan, according to his mother, went back to the lunch line to get his milk.

It was then that a Prince William County Police Officer accused Ryan of stealing the milk, WJLA reported.

Ryan then became disorderly, police said, and needed to be placed in handcuffs.

The teenager said he indeed pulled back from the officer.

"I yanked away from him I told him to get off of me because he's not my Dad," the middle school student said.

Ryan was then taken to the principal's office and searched for drugs, "Because he was fidgety, kept pulling on the strings of his pants, and laughing when we were trying to talk to him and just wouldn't talk," Shamise Turk said.

Ryan Turk has since been charged with larceny and ordered to appear in Juvenile Court.

"This is ridiculous... this is beyond embarrassing... he's at home for 65 cents," Shamise Turk said. "I'm angry, I'm frustrated, I'm mad. It just went too far. They are charging him with larceny, which I don't have no understanding as to why he is being charged with larceny when he was entitled to that milk from the beginning."

Police said the larceny charge was because Ryan tried to "conceal" the milk, a claim Ryan's mother denied.

The school spokesperson said Ryan was suspended for theft, being disrespectful and using his cell phone in school.

"The need for disciplinary action is determined by how a student behaves throughout any given incident," the school spokesperson said. "An appeals process is in place to ensure the fairness of any disciplinary action."


  • BG

    Really this officer should be fired. Free means Free whether he hid it or not. that school should be ashamed!

    • Opinion8d

      Did you read the story? Clearly he has little respect for authority and had he just explained the situation instead of becoming disorderly, all would have been fine. I’m sure there is more to this story that explained here -especially given how he behaved can tell you a lot of what goes on there……

      • Victor R. Thomas

        In some cases, if you do explain that he was on that program, they might have still arrested him stating that he was lying.

    • Staticphear

      What? Are you another parent? If you are, give up your kid now otherwise he/she will another anchor to our society. This kids need discipline badly.

    • Klaatu

      The kid obviously has no respect for authority. Maybe his parents should be charged with failing to raise a polite, respectful child….as usual, criminalize the cops and bleed your heart out for the criminal. Typical Lib with an entitlement complex.

  • You Know Who You Are

    The kid was an A-Hole. Had he been a normal person this would have been a non-story.

  • Opinion8d

    If the Mom’s quote doesn’t say it all!! “he was ENTITLED to that milk from the beginning.” How about some respect and humility in life??? Future inmate and leech to society!!

  • Sam

    Mother and son both have a poor attitude. She should teach him to respect authority, not that it’s okay to act like a jerk because he’s ‘entitled’ to free milk. (Which, BTW, most of us pay for!).

  • Maya

    I hate misleading headlines. He was clearly arrested and detained for being disorderly. It might take patience, but there is a way to explain that you are allowed to have something that doesn’t involve yelling and being obnoxious. He took it from a misunderstanding to an excuse to act like a fool with no self restraint.

  • Richard Fitzwell

    I hope he gets jail time…send his mother also….entitled, my ass. Today a carton of milk, tomorrow a bank….his mother will feel that he would be entitled to that money because he had a checking account there…

  • chris

    Another entitlement baby fighting with police. I’m sure taking the free milk was what started the incident. You thugging out is what got you in the trouble you’re in.

  • brumh

    It starts with small things, disrespect, mouthing back, disobeying the rules, being entitled- where does it end.

  • dylan

    no respect for authority breaking ryules ie: cell phone.. little things like this behavior turn into bigger things.. next thing he will steal a car or rob a back this is where discipline can perhaps change anticipated bad behavior that equals bad outcomes

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