John Doe investigation: Judge tosses out lawsuit by former Walker aide

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Capitol in Madison

MADISON — A federal judge has rejected a lawsuit by a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker who accused prosecutors of overstepping their authority.

Judge Lynn Adelman’s ruling came in a case rooted in a so-called John Doe investigation of alleged misconduct in Walker’s campaign. Six Walker aides or associates were convicted in the case, though Walker himself was never charged.

Cindy Archer, a former top Walker aide whose Madison home was raided in 2011, had accused authorities of heavy-handed tactics in the raid and of a campaign of harassment of conservatives. She was later granted immunity and wasn’t charged with a crime.

In tossing out Archer’s lawsuit, Adelman wrote that prosecutors are generally protected from such legal action so they can carry out their work without fear of unwarranted lawsuits.


    • Michael Neils

      It was in the news/ 16 he was at the time the raid came at 4am while he was home alone and scared witless/ some reports said they wouldn’t let him call anybody. I’m 4 times that old and if my door were kicked in and people screaming at me to get down sit down no phone calls etc I’d be freaked out to. If you run a drug house or illegally deal guns, sex trade etc that raid should be expected. This was all over some alleged campaigning on state time with emails? seriously? Bet no one invaded the Clintons at 4am and THAT seems like a national/ international e mail security issue of her choosing against orders.

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