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Coca-cola debuts new red, white & blue can

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Coca-Cola is rolling out the new cans to celebrate its 75-year partnership with the United Service Organizations.

NEW YORK — Coke has caught the patriotic fever.

The soda company’s new “I’m proud to be an American” limited edition red, white and blue cans honor members of the military and feature the American flag in their design.

Coca-Cola is rolling out the new cans to celebrate its 75-year partnership with the United Service Organizations.

The cans and packs will be in stores through July 4th. The song lyric and patriotic design will be on 16-ounce cans as well as 12-ounce cans that come in 20, 24 and 35-packs.

Coca-Cola is the latest company to adopt USA-themed packaging. Anheuser-Busch even changed the name of “Budweiser” to “America” — the name change will last through the presidential election in November.

The cans also promote the joint “Campaign to Connect,” which is being sponsored by Coca-Cola and the USO, which was reported earlier by AdAge.

The campaign aims to get Americans to send one million messages of support to members of the armed forces. Messages can be sent online via the campaign’s website.

A special celebration of Coke’s partnership with the USO begins this weekend at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 race.


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  • imcrazy

    Oh no, The protests about being discriminated against are about to start on this front also……….
    I’m proud to be a Mexican …boo hoo

    • Bobski

      Hopefully it’s something that sensible people of all stripes won’t be buying. If you want to support the USO, do so directly and skip the sugary junk.

  • Bobski

    My, my. So they package their crappy obesity-inducing product in “patriotic” cans. So now we can all feel good, I guess. Not buying. Next….

    • Bobski

      They’re no more “pro USA” than anyone else because of their attempt to manipulate jingoists. The flag should be used for more noble purposes than selling sugared water.

  • John Dz

    The cause is good, but the cans look really, really stupid. I mean, what are these things marketed towards? Why doesn’t Coke just use the regular cans and just donate 100 million dollars or whatever? Wouldn’t that be far simpler than using these horrible self-masturbatory ‘Murica cans to try to manipulate people into giving money?

    • Bobski

      All those who honor the flag and what it stands for should take issue with the design and its use for commercial exploitation.

  • Harry Dyke

    I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a US resident. I can’t wait until I’ve saved enough to bail out of this idiocracy. It’s time to go when the inmates start taking over the asylum.

  • IgOfishiG2

    Bad idea to use here. Unless a U.S. Navy ship is in port. If the sailors handed them out to the kids here. I am sure they would get a big smile. Maybe a hug from the kids. In a National pride exchange. Make fast friends for sure.

  • T E R

    I thought according to the flag code, you are not supposed to use the flag for advertising or use it for commerce like this. It is also specifically not to be put on any holding receptacle. The flag represents a living country, and is considered a living thing. Putting it on cans like this is not a patriotic act, but a disrepectfil act. People have died for the ideals this flag represents. I encourage everyone to read the flag code so they can learn what it really is to respect the flag.

    • Bobski

      Thank you for injecting some sense into this discussion. Some go for all kinds of jingoistic nonsense, even in the name of commercialism, without even considering the blatant exploitation of the symbols they hold so dear. Pathetic.

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