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Man accused of raping 82-year-old woman at bus stop in Milwaukee reaches plea deal

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A man accused of raping an 82-year-old woman has reached a plea deal in the case against him.

Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson

29-year-old Stephen Robinson on Tuesday, May 31st Robinson pleaded guilty to one count of second degree sexual assault/use of force. Two other charges were dismissed as a result of the plea deal.

Police say Robinson pushed the 82-year-old woman to the ground at a bus stop near Green Tree and Teutonia and raped her.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was walking to her apartment from a bus stop near Green Tree and Teutonia July 16th. She uses a walker for assistance.

The complaint indicates when the victim was several blocks from the bus stop, she was approached by Stephen Robinson,  who “got very close to her and mumbled something.” The victim told police she began to fear for her safety and attempted to walk faster. A few moments later, the complaint indicates Robinson “pushed (the victim) to the ground and her walker was knocked over.”

According to the complaint, Robinson then sexually assaulted the woman. The victim “started screaming ‘God help me, God help me’ because she thought someone might hear her.” The complaint says the victim was also so fearful that she yelled, ‘God forgive me’ because she thought she might be killed during this encounter.” The complaint says Robinson eventually got off of the victim and fled.

The complaint indicates officers were able to get a description of Robinson from a witness.

What happened after the alleged crime concerned some city leaders. Officials say the victim called 911 for help after the attacker ran. She waited and waited — and then placed a second call. Three hours passed before a squad was dispatched.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called the delayed response an unacceptable policy misunderstanding amid anger from aldermen and other city officials.

“The dispatcher downgraded the constituent with the policy he understood. It was a night with a lot of competing calls. This got dropped,” said Chief Flynn.

Stephen Robinson will be sentenced on July 7th.

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    This article clearly Shows why any sane person needs to get out of Milwaukee. Failure of a citizen to help this woman. Failure of PD to respond properly, The crime is a concern to SOME city officials? Really? SOME are not concerned? A public defenders office proud of making a plea agreement. A judge allowing such of a thing to happen. Odds are this savage thing has a rap sheet a mile long. To do such of a thing like that gets you hung in many countries. SAD….

  • Libsareliars

    A plea deal for this POS??? I guess the DA is still to busy on trying to figure out how to prosecute conservative organizations on their political views. The DA is just as big of a POS as the dirt bag rapist.


    I wish someone would explain something for me. A man rapes an 82 year old woman – with a walker nonetheless, why is there a plea deal? If there are three total charges and two of those charges may make it difficult to prove to a jury, maybe for lack of evidence, and thus run the chance of him being found not guity and set free, why don’t they just drop those two “hard to prove” charges without any plea deal?

  • Mel

    Plea deal!? For raping a 82yr old woman!!!!??? NO one came to her aid!? Disgusting Milwaukee! WTF is wrong with you!? I agree with bringing back the death penalty for violent rapists! No other county in the U.S. would allow this piece of crap a plea deal. He needs to be HUNG!!!

  • uknownothingatall

    The plea deal should have been you get the firing squad instead of the slow tortured death. The legal system is to blame for all the animals on the streets along with the lack of family and faith.

  • Klaatu

    Another disgusting travesty from the City’s court system. A plea deal?? WTF is wrong with the City Leaders and D.A.? This POS is a true animal. I’d be surprised is he does anything but a few months in jail. If I were a family member / relative of the victimized woman I’d declare open season on this predator and hunt him down without mercy.

  • Klaatu

    I disagree. Hang him by the nads, and then let the family of the victim beat him like a $2 pinata.

  • Klaatu

    I think you miss the point. People are amazed that any plea deal was entertained, but not shocked by the fact. Check any news source that reports facts. The City of Milwaukee has a strong history of reaching plea deals with weak, if non-existent sentencing credability. Anything less than the death sentence for a crime like that animal committed is just wrong.

  • Barry McCockner

    And the perverted negroid of year award goes to …(drum role)…STEPHAN ROBINSON!!! of Milwakee, Wisconsin!

  • Mayor McTrolley and Chief Wiggum are useless!!!

    That’s right LIBTARDS,reward this POS with a plea deal when he should be castrated with a dull rusty knife. Oh well,no shock there. The dispatcher i heard through the grapevine,who made this poor woman wait 3 hours was recently promoted. Go figure!!!

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