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Man arrested after allegedly beating wife’s would-be rapist to death

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NEW YORK CITY — A husband was arrested after he attacked his wife's would-be rapist, killing him in a Bronx apartment building, police said Tuesday.

Police responded to a call about an assault and attempted rape at an apartment at 1240 Washington Ave. at 10:16 p.m. Monday.

The 51-year-old woman was inside her apartment when a man forced his way in and attempted to rape her, struck her, causing contusions to her forehead, and ripped her clothing off, according to police.

The woman screamed, fought him off and used her cellphone to alert her husband, Mamadou Diallo, 61, who was outside of the apartment at the time, police said.

Diallo faced the suspect, later identified as 43-year-old Earl D. Nash, in the hallway of the sixth floor and punched him multiple times.

When police arrived, they found Nash with severe head and body trauma.

EMS took him to Lincoln Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Diallo was arrested and later charged with manslaughter.


  • Klaatu

    This guy should get a medal for ridding society of a scumbag that would just continue raping when he was let out of jail.
    Mr. Diallo is an inspiration to those who want to take charge of their own safety.

  • BG

    Good for him.what a husband suppose to do, protect his family. they need to release this man. I am sure the system will protect the devil who is dead first.

  • Giving Praise Where Praise is Due

    Release him… immediately. They are violating his constitutional right to defend his home, himself, and his loved ones of intruders. I can’t believe they arrested him in the first place, let alone charge him with anything. What a bunch of more liberal bulls***.

  • guest73

    Mr. Diallo was certainly justified in defending his wife by any means, and to any extent, that was necessary. But I’m guessing Nash was a white guy. If he were black the police wouldn’t have bothered with a case they can’t possibly win. Hopefully Mr. Diallo will be exonerated, as soon as possible!

  • imcrazy

    Unfortunately, in the eyes of the law the rapist was confronted in the hall after the attack so the damage was done.
    I agree with all of you and would have done the same thing. I sure hope a lawyer could get the charges dropped.

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