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Police: 16-year-old boy accused in armed carjacking in broad daylight after stealing gun from grandma

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MILWAUKEE -- A woman was carjacked at gunpoint outside a popular coffee shop in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, and police say the suspect is a teenager, on probation at the time of the alleged crime.

The carjacking happened outside the Colectivo Coffee near Humboldt and Locust shortly before noon on Sunday, May 29th.

Police learned a 16-year-old boy had approached the 31-year-old female victim -- pointing a gun at her and demanding her car keys.

The suspect then fled the scene in the victim's car, which was spotted a few minutes later by officers in the area.

The 16-year-old boy was arrested after a pursuit. The suspect vehicle got a flat tire near 42nd and Silver Spring Drive, and the teenager tried to run, but he was apprehended. Officers found a stolen gun on him.

Police say that gun was stolen by the boy from his own grandmother -- while she was at church.

"Hearing about it in broad daylight is nerve-racking," Morgan Mitrovic, a Riverwest resident said.

Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Police Department

Also disconcerting for some is the teenage suspect's lengthy rap sheet -- which includes previous arrests for battery, criminal damage to property, theft, operating vehicle without owner’s consent-passenger, possession of dangerous weapon by person under 18.

Lt. William Beauchene is in charge of MPD's Robbery Task Force.

"Unfortunately, it's an all too common occurrence. There are several juveniles that we end up arresting multiple times for different offenses. These attacks are brazen. The kids don't seem to feel there's any consequence to their actions and if they're not held to task for that, this trend will continue," Lt. Beauchene said.

In this case, police say the teen was charged in adult court with fleeing. The other charges, armed robbery, carjacking and theft of a firearm are being handled in the juvenile system.

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  • Toni

    Why can’t we ban violent repeat offenders from residing in our city in the same way we ban sex offenders?

    • Angry Dad

      Dear liberal Milwaukee judges. The latest violent crime wave from this career criminal is somewhat your fault since you seem to think a slap on the wrist is appropriate for these violent felons despite what the rest of society says. Can we get this dindunuffin off the streets and put away this time?

    • Chrisco

      Hate to break it to your but you can not ban sex offenders. That is against state law. They have to be housed in the city where they were convicted. You can only tell them where they can and can not live in the city. I am not defending just providing the correct info.

  • Tired of the BS

    I’m so sick of reading about these lowlife losers. One can only hope karma bites them hard.

  • Mark

    maybe once a family member of Flynn, the D.A., or the judges gets carjacked they’ll start taking all this more seriously. c’mon…. each and every one of us would love to see that happen.

  • Wisconsinisstupid

    This state is a joke. Fleeing is an adult charge but not armed robbery, carjacking, or theft of a firearm. No punishment whatsoever from the judges. Dumbest state ever!

  • truth hurts

    I thought the feds were bringing up charges for this. He should be giving white supremacists blowjobs in the federal pen.

  • Knowledge Seeker

    Having been a victim of a carjacking in Milwaukee, I can say the penalties are not stiff enough. My carjacker was released the next day and only incarcerated throughout the duration of the 10 month court process because he failed a drug test. The whole system here is broken – its absolutely disgusting how vile this city is becoming. Lock these thugs up and move on – they show no compassion for society why should they be a part of it.

  • dylan

    send him to prison for the ongest sentence maybe when he is in his 50’s he can come out to society..maybe not maybe just keep him in the prison system folding laundry and keep the general public safe obviously this person is a lost cause

  • Cameron

    He probably was a student at Banner Prep Behavioral Reassignment School. A joke of a school with unlicensed teachers who can’t even spell themselves. It is a private, for profit organization and tax payers fund this atrocity of a school.

  • Jim

    @fox6 Why don’t you start naming these judges that let these punks out with a slap on the wrist?
    Maybe then the fine citizens of Milwaukee can vote them off the bench. OOOH Wait they are the same voters that keep electing Mayor McTrolley back into office. So they are all ok with this crime!

  • Tony Kuchta

    The Wisconsin criminal justice system has a special rubber room and revolving door for this type of juvenile delinquent , they are often home before the police get called to their next car-jacking

  • Alpha Co.

    If this was in Florida, he would be in prison for a long time. Or dead because the citizens there defend themselves at a much higher rate. Don’t believe me, look it up. Search Florida gun laws and mandatory sentencing. Or Florida CCW defense situations. It’s time to stop relying on police to save the day. They are not in the job to save your butt. They stay in it for the retirement package and benefits. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Klaatu

    Lt. Beauchene is 100% correct. There are no consequences so the behavior will continue. I ask why all the charges except fleeing are going to juvenile court? This punk used a gun!
    Mayor McTrolley is right though……..until he get arrested three times or so it really isn’t a problem, they’re just kids being kids. I guess when he’s out on probation after this one (laughing all the way down the court house steps), he’ll steal another gun and another car – then maybe he’ll get yelled at by the judge instead of getting hugs from the liberals that keep telling him he’s special.
    I just hope that the person that finally puts a round in this punks head doesn’t end up in jail instead of getting a medal for meritorious action or outstanding service to the comminity.

  • Political Correctness is the new normal

    Fred you’re a genius, seriously. The chance of a liberal in Riverwest is about 99.9%. As far as Cameron, he is a liberal and the truth hurts him. He must be a union member who votes the way he’s told too!

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