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Sheriff’s Office: 17 people arrested, accused of driving drunk over Memorial Day holiday weekend

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Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

MILWAUKEE COUNTY — Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office have released statistics as it relates to drunken drivers arrested over Memorial Day weekend.

Sheriff’s officials say 17 arrests were made for drunken driving between Friday, May 27th and Tuesday, May 31st.

The average prohibited alcohol concentration level was .14 — almost double the legal limit.

There were five repeat offenders arrested this holiday weekend, including one person for DUI — sixth offense, and one person for DUI — fifth offense.

There were 12 first time offenders arrested over the holiday weekend. One of those people was arrested for DUI — first offense with minor children in the vehicle, and one was arrested for DUI — first offense involving a crash where a passenger left the vehicle only to be struck by another vehicle.

According to Sheriff’s officials, the arrest for DUI — sixth offense happened on Monday, May 30th around 11:30 p.m., when a South Milwaukee officer who was transporting an inmate spotted a speeding car that was¬†deviating in and out of its designated lane on I-794 at Jefferson Street.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and called for deputies to respond to investigate at I-43 northbound and Fond du Lac Avenue.

The operator was identified by a revoked driver’s license.

That driver told deputies he had two beers, and there was an open beer in the front cup holder.

The man tested .14 on a preliminary breath test.

According to Sheriff’s officials, when he saw the results of the PBT, he¬†ran across all freeway lanes and tried to jump over the wall. Deputies caught him as he tried to jump the wall, and had to use a Taser in order to handcuff him.

The deputies suffered minor injuries in the altercation.

The man has five prior DUI convictions: August 2000, March 2001, August 2006, October 2006 and January 2013.

Sheriff’s officials say he is currently on felony parole for his DUI¬†— fourth¬†offense, and on probation for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The arrest for DUI — fifth offense happened on Saturday, May 28th shortly after midnight — when a deputy observed a vehicle speeding, tailgating and deviating lanes on I-43 northbound at Locust Avenue and stopped the vehicle at Hampton Avenue.

The man who was arrested told deputies he had a few drinks at his cousin’s house.

Sheriff’s officials say he was uncooperative, and tested .22 on a preliminary breath test.

His prior convictions were in August 1999, March 2001, February 2010 and September 2013.

As for those arrested for DUI — first offense, one had minor children in the vehicle, according to Sheriff’s officials. This arrest happened on Monday, May 30th — after a deputy¬†esponded to a 911 call about a possible drunk driver traveling I-94 westbound at N. 35th Street.

The 911 caller was able to follow the vehicle to the intersection of Miller Parkway and National Avenue where the deputy began following and stopped the vehicle at 40th and Burnham.

The man driving was arrested, and Sheriff’s officials say there were three children in his vehicle — ages three, five and nine.

The man tested .08 on a preliminary breath test, and indicated he had three or four beers at a party.

The children were taken home by a deputy, along with their mother.

Another man was arrested for DUI — first offense involving a crash on Sunday, May 29th. This, after¬†deputies responded to a call for a pedestrian who was possibly struck on I-43 northbound at Keefe Avenue.

A vehicle had crashed into the median wall, and a man was laying in the right distress lane, conscious and breathing but complaining of neck, back and arm pain.  The passenger said a red SUV struck him in traffic as he tried to cross the freeway.

The driver, an alleged underage drinker, was arrested for DUI — first offense.

This weekend’s Operation Drive Sober initiative also targeted¬†impaired drivers on our freeway system and roadways in surrounding municipalities.

Below is a summary of arrests made on the Milwaukee County freeway system and along the lakefront/in Milwaukee County Parks:


Speed: 203

OWI: 14

BAC: 11


Non-Moving: 69

Other Moving Violations:  105

Seat Belts:  8

PI (personal injury) Crashes:  4

PDO (property damage only) Crashes: 31

OWI related crashes: 3

Traffic Stops: 408

Total High Visibility Park Patrols: 144

MILWAUKEE COUNTY LAKEFRONT/PARKS (Totals included in above statistics)

County Ordinances: 7

Speed: 2


Other Moving: 16

Non-Moving: 21

OWI: 1

Total High Visibility Park Patrols: 144 (6:00 p.m. Friday, May 27th to 11:00 p.m. Monday, May 30th)

The average prohibited alcohol level was .14.

Age range of those arrested for DUI:  20  to  46, 13 men, four women


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