Nicolet student disciplined after pulling out Confederate flag, referencing “white pride day”

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GLENDALE — A spokeswoman for Nicolet High School tells FOX6 News a student was disciplined following an incident involving a Confederate flag that happened in a classroom on Wednesday, June 1st.

We’re told the student pulled the flag out of his pocket when he walked into the classroom, and the student then made references to “white pride day.”

A teacher took the flag away from the student, and worked to de-escalate the situation.

The student was disciplined, and an email was sent to parents of Nicolet students regarding this situation.

Dr. Robert Kobylski, Superintendent for the Nicolet School District, issued the following statement:

“On Wednesday, a student made a derogatory and offensive demonstration during an English class. This action disrupted the class and is in violation of district policy. We conducted an investigation that resulted in disciplinary action. Fostering an educational community based on tolerance and respect is of the utmost importance to the administration, faculty and staff at Nicolet. Appropriate personnel are available to assist students who wish to talk about the incident.”


  • Opinion8d

    But it’s okay for black’s to walk across the stage at graduation raising their fist as a sign of black power?!?!?! Saw it multiple times myself right at MU!

  • Amerie

    What exactly did he do that was offensive?? Merely mentioning a “white pride day” should not in and of itself be offensive any more than black pride or latino pride
    if he made a disparaging statement towards other races that is not ok he also needs to be educated on the true reoresentation of the confederate flag as any true southerner can tell you that flag stands for SOUTHERN pride not white pride yes there is a difference

  • John

    I get so sick of the left’s race politics. For people who supposedly want a color-blind society, they sure pay a lot of attention to color. But let’s be honest, they don’t want a color-blind society at all, any more than they want a gender-blind or a sexual-orientation-blind society.
    The school shouldn’t had made a big deal out of this incident to the point
    It became news worthy.,
    What the left’s really want is an anti-wealthy society that’s dependent on government entitlements and racial division.

  • Watch em get mad

    Now as maybe the only black person on this feed… I have no problem with the “white pride” however the confederate flag? The flag of a disbanded nation that doesn’t exist anymore? I believe this is the United states “proud to be american? Where the US flag in all of this?

  • BorderRuffian

    Now if he pulled out a Mexican flag and yelled “Hispanic pride day” or a rainbow flag and said “gay pride day” what would have been the school’s reaction?

    • Klaatu

      That would not be an issue because we need to embrace a culture of acceptance and diversity – meaning all ethnic groups except whites can do whatever they want to spout the greatness of their race or culture. Whites don’t have that luxury. We have to constantly defend our actions that are assumed to be racist. There’s Black Pride month, Black Entertainment TV (BET), Black Movie Awards (BMA). The blacks even whined boo freaking hoo that no Blacks won awards this year at the Oscars. When was the last time a white actor won an award at the BMA? Whites are now the minority that is discriminated against. We have Italianfest, Mexicanfest, Afrofest (Juneteenth day – or kill each other off day as it should be called), Germanfest, Polishfest, , Indiafest, Indian Summer, Gay Pride Fest but no Caucasionfest – why is that?

  • Doug58

    made a derogatory and offensive demonstration which was????? pulling a flag out of his pocket and say White pride day and that’s derogatory and offensive? But yet the school has no issues with Black History Month, Cinco De Mayo or Chinese’s New Year, etc. Talk about being offensive …… unless the kid did something else I don’t see an issue other then the teacher ……

  • chris

    Why was he disiplined? Oh yeah that’s right, it’s illegal to be proud of your heritage if your white. Yes it’s not racist to have Black History Month, Black Student Unions, NAACP, BET, UNCF, all black college. Etc. He should file a civil rights lawsuit against the school. Hey fairs fair.

  • Trump/Walker 2016

    Reading this comment section full of dog and garlic smelling cum colored cavedwellers is why I love to read about your mongrel brats overdosing on heroin. Hopefully, one of you will walk in and find one of your wastes of cum with the needle fresh in the arm. You can drape the coffin with your worthless stars and bars or stars and stripes.

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