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Fathers, churches and police officers: Aldermen unveil three-pronged approach to fighting crime

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MILWAUKEE -- A majority of Milwaukee aldermen on Thursday, June 2nd rolled out a series of actions they believe will make the city of Milwaukee safer. This, as a group of 37 cadets graduated from the Milwaukee Police Academy -- and joined the Milwaukee Police Department.MKE alderman

The aldermen noted that we will need many more graduates -- as more than 300 MPD officers will be eligible for retirement over the next year-and-a-half. That is one of three major goals outlined Thursday.


"The city of Milwaukee can have a better, safer summer," Ashanti Hamilton, Milwaukee Common Council president said.

Eleven of Milwaukee's 15 aldermen signed off on the three-part plan to prevent crime:

  • Aldermen have called upon 500 fathers and "father-like" figures, along with enlisting 25 churches to adopt their blocks/neighborhoods.
  • Improve communications and develop a joint strategy with city, county, and state agencies.
  • Aldermen want to develop a plan to replace up to 331 MPD officers who will be eligible for retirement over the next 18 months.


"That is a huge and significant number. Now, certainly, I`m 99% sure not all of them are going to be retiring -- but I`m sure it is not reasonable to expect a significant number of them will retire and officers with 25 years of experience are not easily or quickly replaced," Alderman Bob Donovan said.

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan

Donovan, the chair of the Public Safety Committee, says that committee will host special meetings during the month of June to improve partnerships with different city and state agencies.

Mike Crivello, President of the Milwaukee Police Association said looming officer retirements are a major concern, adding too many officers are unable to get time off when they request it.

"Many of these officers will retire when they can retire because there’s currently not a whole lot of incentive to stay," he said."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said his administration is well aware of the need to replace retiring officers. He commended the common council for offering a plan of its own.

"The more the merrier is my view. I don`t take any umbrage in it whatsoever. All hands on deck is my view, all hands on deck," Barrett said.

Barrett and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said they support this blueprint.

"The aldermen`s recommendations are all well and good. There`s not a single objectionable thing about them," Chief Flynn said.Chief Flynn

The aldermen said replacing so many police officers will be a challenge, but something that can and will be done over time.

"I don`t think this will be a one-year deal to try to close this gap -- but we should start taking steps now to make sure it doesn`t widen in the future," Hamilton said.

CLICK HERE to read a letter from Milwaukee aldermen to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.Mayor Tom Barrett

The aldermen said this initiative will truly kick off on June 17th.

"We’re asking for fathers, men, to step up and serve and protect our communities," said Dennis Walton from the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative.

At Moody Park, there will be a peace rally and the aldermen are calling on fathers and father-figures to show up and commit to serving their neighborhoods this summer.

Also on Thursday -- aldermen took up the topic of reckless driving in the city during the Public Safety Committee meeting Thursday morning.

Alderman Donovan said problems with speeding and disobeying traffic laws is a "universal concern" for every Common Council member.

Meeting of Public Safety Committee

Meeting of Public Safety Committee


  • Jay

    Blah blah blah. City is a joke. Let’s talk but not take action. He’s a thought why don’t you actually punish the juveniles. Idiots.

  • Barb

    I actually like this idea. It’s the fatherhood aspect that sold me. Men being honored and put in a place of authority in our communities again — that’s key to change.

  • BG

    Really, My son was in the fatherhood program, it was a joke ( next door foundation). My neighbors call our alderman, because of kids causing trouble and break in. he is a joke, Mike Murphy. Parents just need to step up. Maybe if parents are fined or charged if the kids are under age maybe…just maybe the parents will know what the kids are doing.

    We can’t have others raising our kids!

  • Reagan is still the best

    Dumbest Libtard McTrolley and Chief Wiggum idea since “Ceasefire Sabbath”

  • Barzini

    Only three prong approach is to toss a couple spears with three prongs in the kilwaukee barrel and see if you can catch some thugs.

  • Ever Notice

    Ever notice how crime is lower in neighborhoods that have Block Watch, people who truly care enough to report crime.
    People who are concerned enough to stand up to this crap and give details like names, addresses, descriptions … of the perpetrators ! Nothing short of a police state will work without a community effort ! Improve the neighborhood schools, so kids don’t need to get on a bus until high school !
    The words “I’m Gonna Tell Your Mother/Father” or “I’m Gonna Call The Police” followed by my name, always instilled fear into me when I was young !!!

  • Sheila Moyet

    Look at all the black faces in this group. If blacks are so oppressed how did so many blacks become city leaders? This oppression crap is worn out. It might have worked 20 years ago, but not today. There are many government programs created for the black community. The government even gives them free cell phones. The north side just received a brand new medical/dental clinic. If blacks are really so oppressed how did a black man become president of our country? The only oppressed blacks are those who are too lazy to work for a better life. Too many young blacks can hardly speak, read or write English. You can’t find a job by speaking ghetto slang and wearing your pants sagging down around your knees. Too many young blacks expect everything free and easy. They have been conditioned to think that they should get everything just because they are black.

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