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MPD: Criminals from north side target south side because “fewer people on south side are armed”

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MILWAUKEE -- There is concern over crime on Milwaukee's south side. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and MPD officials say there is a reason the south side is being targeted. This, as some aldermen say residents are getting frustrated -- and are calling for change.

Even with an increase in crime, Chief Flynn says what the south side has in its favor are strong community groups that watch over their neighborhoods and mobilize.

"Let`s change the south side," one south side resident said.

"Pastors should be walking around the neighborhood, talking to the neighbors," one south side resident said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

At a meeting of the Milwaukee Common Council's Public Safety Committee Monday, June 6th, Chief Flynn addressed an increase in carjackings as Alderman Bob Donovan said frustration is growing.

"We`re hearing from constituents that, you know, they deserve better," Donovan said.

"A lot of the carjackings have been on the south side, but the offenders have been from the north side," Flynn said.


Police say there may be a reason for that.

"They go to the south side because fewer people on the south side are armed," an official with the Milwaukee Police Department said.

"The offenders that are offending in the south side right now are identifying it as a target-rich environment of middle-class people with nice cars," Flynn said.

Mark Borkowski

Mark Borkowski

Alderman Mark Borkowski warned that some on the south side may take matters into their own hands.

"There has been a lot of chatter about vigilante groups," Borkowski said.

That's something Chief Flynn said he hasn't been hearing.

"We would urge people to continue working with their districts, to behave responsibly, which overwhelmingly the residents of the city do," Flynn said.

"I hope it doesn`t get to that point certainly, but I`ll tell you, I know that people are frustrated," Donovan said.

Jose Perez

Jose Perez

Alderman Jose Perez said faith groups will play a role in making neighborhoods safer.

"We want to coordinate our efforts and get them involved as much as possible to find solutions," Perez said.

Even with an increase in crime on the south side, Chief Flynn said there is still no comparing it to the amount of crime on the north side. For example, in 2015, ShotSpotter reported nearly 26,000 shots fired on the north side compared to nearly 2,500 shots fired on the south side.

Milwaukee Police Department


  • tonyb

    Had they invested a dime into the north side community instead of building up the downtown area, the residents might not feel like they’ve been left to be labeled residents of Old Milwaukee, of which the city owns the properties that are dilapidated to the point where it should be called Shanty Town.

    • Opinion8d

      maybe if the north side took pride in their neighborhood people would want to invest there! Maybe if they didn’t wreck everything or maybe if they cleaned up their own neighborhood people would be interested. Nobody told them to pop out 10 kids they can’t afford with no daddies, no one told them to drop out of school. They are been plenty of ‘investments’ that just go to crap shortly afterwards

      • black power

        Stfu…u itch!!!…to be honest south side got all the drugs…we need a new Chief..(racist white ppl r they are so perfect .I’m on my way to the south side to rob a “opinion8d”,,I can’t wait to find u

      • White Power

        Go for it Black Power. Us white hoods got his back and a rope that we been usin since 1865….our prized possession.

    • uknownothingatall

      Pride. Family. Faith. Education. Start to enforce those four things with families and you will bring back jobs to the central city. Otherwise it’s a useless endeavor for businesses to try to invest in a worthy workforce that doesn’t exist.

    • Klaatu

      Typical comment from an entitlement minded liberal voter. Maybe the residents of the area shouldn’t have run the neighborhood into the ground in the first place. It sure was a great place with beautiful homes back in the sixties and early seventies when it was pop[ulated by the aging germans. It all went to hell when the black culture moved in…am I wrong? When your “job” is sitting on the front porch all day with a bottle of MD20/20 waiting for the monthly entitlement check to arrive, you shouldn’t ask for anything more. Generations of families have made it their family business to just keep popping out kids for the extra welfare you get every month without even considering getting a job. Try this: Evacuate all residents from (pick a place: Brookfield, Greendale whatever) and have them switch places with the residents of the north side. Within a year every home in (pick the place) would be run into the ground and look like crap, the place would be a toilet of crime and the Northside would be seeing a revival of home restoration and small business start-ups………….tell me I’m wrong. It’s the culture of the residents problem, not because the tax payers haven’t given you enough.

      • Chrisco

        I worked on a Federally funded program called the northside initiative. The feds buy fore closed or abandoned property. They paid for us to gut the houses down to framing. Then rebuild from the ground up. Then they are sold to local people for as little as $500.00. I have go back 11 months later to fix any warranty work. In that 11 months most look just like when we started. Not one company involved in the project are to have single workers on a project. You have to 3 people on each job even it is a 2 man job. My boss paid for concealed carry classes for the employees that are legal to carry.

  • head hunter

    try the south side and see how many people are armed, flynn is losing it spewing stupid comments

  • Gary Hamilton

    Barrett and Flynn are both so useless, and much to blame for the disgusting place Milwaukee has become. I would love to see a vigilante group start up. The only difference between Gotham and Milwaukee is we don’t have a Batman!

  • Alpha Co.

    Hey south side residents, get your conceal carry permits and change that thought process! Once a few of these thugs earn a few slugs, they will think twice before playing in your hood! Or remain a defenseless victim! Your choice!

    • Klaatu

      Roger that. All honest citizens need to become self sufficient in terms of safety. Which hand held wireless device will stop a rapist from hurting your daughter – a smart phone or a 1911?

  • Everett Powell

    Hey now … its totally racist for ANY White person to think he or she has any right to defend themselves against oppressed North MIlwaukee urbanites seeking to get themselves some reparations for their suffering.


    Oh, but the gov’t says we don’t need guns to protect ourselves, so I don’t see how this article is even possible. Must be some sort of fictional story I guess.

  • southsider

    Hey Flynn, there are plenty of armed southsiders that wont hesitate to put down a feral.


    I drove up 76th. St. Monday AM. People driving like idiots, trash all over near the apartments. I needed gas, I pulled into a station to see 4 baggie pants fellows standing outside of station. My survival instincts took over. I left. Just too scary around there.

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