Dealing with distance: Tips for coping when it’s time to send the kids off to camp

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MILWAUKEE -- Maybe it's your child's first night away from home or maybe it's the first time you'll be separate from them. We're talking about summer camp --and Kelly Rossebo with Camp Eagle Ridge joins Real Milwaukee to help families emotionally prepare for camp.

Ways to Prepare Your Camper
• Pack together
• Practice independent skills like making the bed, wiping the table, sweeping the floor and self care skills
• Practice overnights away
• Prepare self-addressed stamped envelopes or postcards
• Talk about 'what if...' situations
• Walk around outside with a flashlight after dark
• Talk about homesickness
• Pack pictures
• Be excited for their adventure

Ways to Prepare the Family
• Plan grown-up activities while your child is gone
• Be aware of how you will communicate with your child while they are gone and understand your camp`s technology and communication systems.
• Send a letter before your child leaves
• Be positive and don`t plan for failure
• Understand that siblings may have some separation difficulties

How to Send A Great Care Package
• Be creative - don`t send food (it attracts critters)
• Send items your child care share with their cabin group
• Be timely