Death of infant now being treated as “suspicious,” family members arrested

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say the June 1st sudden death of 11-month-old Mathis Freeman is now being treated as suspicious -- and three of the child's family members were arrested. One remains in custody.

Officials say the incident, purported to have happened in the neighborhood near 70th and Locust actually occurred in a home on N. 42nd Street just south of Capitol Drive.

Mathis Freeman would have turned one in July.

Baby death on N. 42nd Street

Baby death on N. 42nd Street

"I don`t know what to think. A child that young -- I mean, I just hope that there was no suffering. I hope that the family gets closure and that there`s peace," Maurice Shirley, a neighbor said.

The baby died in a home across the street from where Shirley lives.

"You never know anyone behind their doors," Shirley said.

Police say they got a call around 1:10 p.m. on June 1st from the home on 42nd Street -- but they were first directed to 70th Street, where family members told them the baby had died. Police later learned the baby actually died at the home on 42nd Street.

Milwaukee police say three family members were arrested in connection with this case. One remains in the Milwaukee County Jail.

Officials say one of the three family members was arrested for obstructing an officer, another for aiding a felon and another for neglect causing death.

These charges are pending review by the Milwaukee County DistrMilwaukee Police Departmentict Attorney’s Office.

"It's sad. That's actually a tragedy," Aniyah McGriff, a neighbor said.

FOX6 News has learned the name of the one family member who is still in custody. We are not naming him because he has not been formally charged.

This suspect was charged in another case out of Dodge County in April with one count of physical abuse of a child. The victim in that case is a different child.

An autopsy has been performed on Mathias Freeman, but the results have been put on non-disclosure by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


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    Why are they not investigating the neighbor Maurice Shirley??? He has been investigated several times over the years for the death of infants!!!

  • Spokenone

    Y’all some ignorant crackers don’t even know what the hell y’all talking about.. Was y’all there didn’t think so… So stfu this has nothing to do With race.. But do your homework we all know Jesus was black.. Now that’s a race card

  • SickofIgnorance

    First of all why are you assuming the family is black because in fact they are not, my granddaughter happens to be a part of this family, it’s sad that people are so ignorant and turn everything into racial issues, grow up people. I don’t condone any of this I’m just glad my granddaughter is alive and safe.

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