Double homicide: Men who relatives say were inseparable, found dead in alley near 21st & Atkinson

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police identified on Monday, June 6th the victims of a double homicide near 21st and Atkinson on the city's north side. The bodies of two 31-year-old men were found in an alley in the area on Saturday, June 4th.

The victims are 31-year-old Thadd Barksdale and 31-year-old Diamond Webb. One was found inside a trash container -- the other in a car nearby. Both Barksdale and Webb had been shot several times.

Two 31-year-old men found dead in alley near 21st and Atkinson

Relatives say the men were close friends -- inseparable. While not biologically related, everyone knew them as brothers.

"My brothers did not deserve this. They lived a good life and they loved everybody. They weren't bad people," Tamika Moore, Barksdale's sister said.

Double homicide: Two men, who relatives say were inseparable, found dead in alley near 21st & Atkinson

Milwaukee police received a 911 call Saturday morning from a man who found Barksdale's body in a garbage cart.

Police then found Webb's body in a car parked near the cart.

"Somebody has to have respect for their life and to come forward for the Milwaukee Police Department to give them help in their investigation and to bring into this some type of closure to the family," Frank McGowan, Barksdale's father said.

One of Barksdale's brothers came to the scene on Monday, June 6th. He said he had just seen his brother on Thursday.

"Checking up on me -- making sure I was staying out of trouble. Told me to stay safe. He was like 'I love you bro.' I just had to see (the scene) for myself," Danelle Wyms said.

21st and Atkinson

21st and Atkinson

"I had a fine son. Took care of his kids. Took care of his family was a good child. I want for somebody to find out what happened to my son," Jane Webb, Diamond's mother said.

Family members say these two men who were inseparable will be buried together.

No arrests have been made in this case as officials continue to investigate a motive.

A vigil was held in honor of Barksdale and Webb Monday near 4th and Vienna.

Vigil for men whose bodies were found in alley near 21st and Atkinson

Vigil for men whose bodies were found in alley near 21st and Atkinson

21st and Atkinson

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  • dylan

    CCAP MR Webb he does have a criminal HX he isn’t probably the best person to have hung around with.. most likely drug deal gone terribly bad

  • Opinion8d

    That can’t be true….they were good guys. Took care of their families according to their friends…..(sarcasm)

  • Non sugarcoater

    Oh yeah….and black kids don’t go to school…moron. They just run the streets, commit car jacking and other violent crimes, then get shot in Milwaukee…duh…it’s the circle of life. Read the papers and stop getting plowed by the BBC.


    Nice clothes they are wearing, where do they work, must pay good, wait they work the alleys, forget I asked.

    • Bean

      I’m hiding in front of my screen, just so you know. And I would criticize any person, no matter what race, for wearing a silly gold getup like that! Haha!

    • Klaatu

      WRONG!!!! I respect human life. I have zero respect for wanna be pimps n thugs who deal in drugs…..look it up on CCAP. Your good boy Diamond has been in trouble numerous times…..but he did take care of his family once he finally was prosecuted and it was proven he was the father.

  • Klaatu

    Webb’s mother said he be a good boy who care of his kids and family…..I guess he did that by selling coke and pot according to CCAP…the paternity suit listed was most likely a mistake cuz he dinunuffin…..get real, you don’t end up shot dead and left in the trash unless you’re doing something other than promoting good citizenship and family values…………

    • Bean

      Nope! YOU need to reread the article. Obviously they were both losers to end up dead in an alley like that. You just keep prayin’ and see where that gets you!

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