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“I tried to grab her:” Woman who was reportedly dancing on freeway struck by SUV and killed

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MILWAUKEE -- A young woman seen dancing in the middle of the Marquette Interchange, facing oncoming traffic late on Monday night, June 6th was struck by an SUV and killed. Deputies say the driver of that SUV didn't stop at the scene. That driver was arrested after he returned to the scene, and is expected to be charged with hit-and-run causing death.

Bailey Hallio

Bailey Hallio

The incident happened in the northbound lanes of I-43 (on the north end of the high-rise bridge). FOX6's Myra Sanchick spoke with a man who was driving in the area around 11:00 p.m. -- who said he saw 23-year-old Bailey Hallio dancing in traffic -- and he tried to save her life.

Auala Sefo Jr.

Auala Sefo Jr.

"I jumped out. I tried to run and grab her," Auala Sefo Jr. said.

Sefo Jr. was driving with his wife and young son when he saw Hallio in traffic -- prancing and crouching in what Sefo Jr. said looked like a football stance.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office say Hallio was struck by a red SUV and then another car.

"The SUV came out of nowhere -- just took her out," Sefo Jr. said.

Below are the 911 calls related to the crash:

Sefo Jr. said he watched in horror as the second vehicle hit Hallio.

"She flipped in the air. Landed on a Chevy Impala. She was dragged under the Chevy Impala for about 30 yards," Sefo Jr. said.

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

Officials say the SUV left the scene after the crash, while several other vehicles stopped traffic to prevent the woman from being struck again as she lay unconscious on the roadway.

Four motorists used their cell phone lights to illuminate the scene.

"A lot of people trying to stop. I was afraid of a pileup. A semi truck came by and held traffic," Sefo Jr. said.

Sefo Jr.'s wife called 911 as he stayed with Hallio.

"I checked her pulse. She was on the ground. She was breathing. Her pulse was light. I tried to talk to her. She didn't respond," Sefo Jr. said.

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

The driver of the SUV returned to the scene, Sheriff's officials say, and said his vehicle did not strike the pedestrian. However, due to damage to his vehicle and witness accounts, the driver was arrested.

Hallio was pronounced dead at Froedtert Hospital around 11:30 p.m.

Sefo Jr. said Tuesday he could only think about how close he was to grabbing Hallio before the SUV hit her. Her family was in his thoughts.

"That SUV just came out of nowhere. Whew," Sefo Jr. said.

The northbound lanes of I-43 were shut down while this scene was investigated. The lanes reopened just before 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday.


  • Dylan

    Well he should not have left..but what was she high on?…a suicide mission…why if people said she was on the freeway dancing.and fac8ng traffic weren’t the police.called via 911..or were they and just hadn’t gotten there..what about those over head signs used in amber alert situations…couldn’t they warn motorists.of unexpected pedestriams5 dancing in the lane of traffic…the people who stoppedal could have been killed or gravely injured matter what are you supposed to be outside your car or stopped in traffic on a freeway…

    • NaomiBJones

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  • Mel

    This is awful. What is wrong with people here. Kids robbing people going to work and stuff. Uh, uh. Hit n runs are way to often. Can’t tell if that’s from high people or drunk people driving. The move to dance on a damn freeway is pretty wrong too. So arresting the driver is kinda wrong. It would be the last thing I would expect to jump out at me at night on the freeway. But they should have stopped. But seriously, Milwaukee needs to get it’s sh!# together!

  • Lisa

    Very sad.multiple victims and lives forever changed: a young woman who died so young,a driver who was unfortunate to be the one that hit her and ultimately caused her death_and this could have been easily someone else if driving past at that time,why this person was charged though is beyond me I can only imagine shock immediate afyer and fact they did come back..the bystanders and cars that stopped traffic to avoid hit her after ,I know if I ever seen that would be traumatized and so very sad. Truly sad and unfortunate for all. People close to the woman may blame themselves but things happen we have no control over, we can only do our best.

  • mister fudgie

    Who would have thought the freeway is not a safe place dance at night? Huh. Learn something new everyday.

  • Smh

    Stupid people do stupid stuff. Who the hell dance on the freeway? You’re most likely wanted to die if you ask me. Somehow I don’t feel bad at all for her. It was her decision.

    • Jw

      Very stupid decision. Driv err came back, I nearly do not care about any other details about the driver’s situation, she did not belong out there and was the primary cause. Could the driver have driven slower or more carefully, almost surely, but no one should expect a person is dancing in traffic on a freeway and chances are, for any number of reasons, good or bad, the driver simply did not see her in time to avoid her. She is primarily at fault and I would say no driver deserves jail time from her poor decision.

  • Metal Maniac

    1st – The driver returned (initially he hit and ran but I am sure that was just in shock)
    2nd – The lady was dancing in the middle of the interstate highway at night
    I really hope the SUV driver gets an easy sentence on this one.

    • Clinton

      There should be no sentence for the driver. He left initially but returned quickly. Don’t like the fact that he denied striking her but he came back to the scene just minutes after not days later. We also have not heard that he was under the influence because I’m sure the Sheriff’s Deputies checked that out. This woman perhaps all jacked up on Mountain Dew dancing on the freeway is the sole cause of this accident. What about the second driver that struck her? How would you like to be the person that struck this jacked up woman?? Seems like it would lead to a lot of sleepness nights second guessing yourself as to why you took that route at that time etc.

  • Cassandra

    I just want to say that Bailey was my friend and like a sister to me. No matter what happened our family is in mourning right now so please respect that. We hold no ill will towards the driver and we pray for him. That doesn’t change that we lost a friend and sister so please stop calling her names.

      • Cassandra

        Thank you. It’s really tough right now especially since we don’t have any answers. The last anyone had seen her she was at home then when her fiance got home and noticed she was gone and not answering the phone he posted to facebook that she was missing and if anyone saw her to call him. So to go from not knowing where she’s at to get that phone call the next day that she was dead has been hard. It’s especially hard on the kids. Bailey was a good person 28th a good heart and all of our kids loved her my son especially that was his Aunt Bailey. Thank you for anyone respecting our family in our time of mourning. Again we hold no ill will towards the driver we know it wasn’t his fault and pray for only the best outcome for him. So again thank you to anyone respecting our family during this hard time and to those who still choose to call her names and belittle and demean her memory, how would you feel it was a friend or relative of yours.

  • Linda Varick-Cooper

    That was well said and touching, Cassandra. I am so sorry that people feel they can be mean and heartless online. They hide behind the anonymity, but forget that we are talking about a real person. I knew Bailey. She was a good friend to my son, and I remember her as a vibrant and unique girl. So sorry for your loss.

  • Terri Gordon

    Dancing, prancing and crouching in the middle of the freeway? This sounds unnervingly like the situation with Elisa Lam and the elevator incident. Google it . Never was an answer as to why and I will be willing to bet this will be the same.

  • Dylan

    She was dancing in the middle of the freeway she killed herself…and her reckless actions could have caused others their lives or serious injury..something seriously wrong with the woman…

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