Father sees his son, wanted after three-day crime spree, on FOX6 News: “That criminal is my baby”

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WAUWATOSA -- A father told FOX6 News he was "heartbroken" after seeing his son on the news on Tuesday night, June 7th. His son is one of two teenagers accused in connection with a three-day crime spree -- and the boy is now behind bars.

"I love my son -- and I'm afraid for him," Andrae Fredrick said.

Andrae Fredrick

Andrae Fredrick

On Tuesday night, Fredrick saw his son's face on FOX6 News.

"It`s heartbreaking -- and it`s more heartbreaking for me because it`s my son," Fredrick said.

Surveillance cameras captured his 13-year-old son and another teenager.

"I cried because that`s -- that criminal that you`re looking at is my baby," Fredrick said.

Wauwatosa police seek two teenagers accused in robbery, burglary, eluding officers in stolen Jeep

Wauwatosa police say on May 30th, shortly before 2:00 a.m., officers responded to a report of a robbery where a weapon was implied near 67th and Milwaukee Avenue.

"The female victim gave her purse to the subject after he demanded it," Lt. Brian Zalewski with the Wauwatosa Police Department said.

The suspects fled in a stolen 2004 Jeep Liberty with Wisconsin license plates: 651-PKU.

The suspects were captured a short time later on video surveillance in the area trying to use the robbery victim’s credit card.

Nearly 12 hours later, shortly after 1:00 p.m., an officer attempted to stop the stolen Jeep Liberty -- and the suspects fled from police and a short pursuit ensued. The Jeep was not located by officers.

Short pursuit of stolen Jeep Liberty by Wauwatosa police

Short pursuit of stolen Jeep Liberty by Wauwatosa police

Just before 3:00 a.m. on May 31st, police responded to a window smash burglary at UW Credit Union at 65th and State. According to police, video surveillance shows that the same stolen Jeep Liberty and, likely, the same suspects were involved.

On June 1st around 10:00 a.m., the stolen Jeep Liberty was recovered near 82nd and Grantosa. Four suspects were observed by a resident abandoning the Jeep and attempting to steal another vehicle -- unsuccessfully, police say.

Wauwatosa police on Tuesday released surveillance photos of the suspects in an effort to identify them.


"When I see that picture, I don`t see this kid that`s on a crime spree. I see my baby," Fredrick said.

Now, rather than finishing up his eighth grade school year, Fredrick's son is behind bars.

"I would rather see him locked up than see him dead," Fredrick said.

Fredrick says he is a pastor who taught his son morals. The 13-year-old boy was once involved with church and loved boxing -- but something changed.

"I taught him how to make decisions and he chose to make the wrong decisions," Fredrick said.

Wauwatosa Police Department

Wauwatosa Police Department

Fredrick wants to warn other parents that something like this can happen to anyone. This, as he keeps the faith that what is happening to his son will change him for the better.

"It hurts me to say it, but he deserves whatever happens because I trust God," Fredrick said.

Wauwatosa police tell FOX6 News they have identified the other teenage suspect in this case, but he has not yet been taken into custody.

Viewers passed along a Facebook post from that suspect. In the post, he wrote that he saw himself on the news, and was trying to lay low.

FOX6 News stopped by his home on Wednesday but no one answered the door.


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    You may want to do a little better research yourself because the abuser wasn’t the man in the article.

    • Connie

      How about we think of a country without ignorant, uneducated people like yourself. If there were no black people you still would be stupid and have something to complain about. From a black person in this state and country who has a college degree and gets my LAZY ass up for work everyday…SHUT UP!!

  • Reasonless

    Judging on your lacking ability to process data tells me that you must be a byproduct of MPS.
    Perhaps you should take a basic math class and learn about percentages and averages.

  • Lorett

    Was this “heartbroken” father questioning what’s going on at 3 am at night when the kid was roaming the streets?

  • Salvatore

    8 years in the white house should have cured that. How does that work out for you now. Immigrants that came here don’t owe you nothing. Go back to the democrats and get some since they were the party of slavery, The republicans were the ones that fought to free them. Time to move on.

  • societygoingdownthedrain

    When I see the picture, I don’t see this kid on a crime spree. I see my baby. Apparently he did not see him in the middle of the night when he should of been home. Another clueless parent that is part of the problem. To the Pastor, your baby is a thug and needs to be locked in prison and is the decay of society.

  • VerynervousMilwaukee

    Did anyone bother to look in to the pastors history with law enforcement? Take a look. Dad=Son-same

  • Gary Hamilton

    Sorry dad no sympathy from me. You did a poor job raising your son and now he is traumatizing people. Not once did I hear you apologize to the victims!

  • nh

    Parents stop allowing kids to run your households. They’re children, they require guidance until the age of 21. When my son was 13 he went to a friend’s house. I knew the parents but they didn’t tell me they were letting the boys go to the mall unsupervised. My son was with one of the boys friend’s who was caught with marijuana. I received a call from the police. They told me my son was one of the only ones with respect and he had a good head on his shoulders but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also said I’m not giving him a ticket. I was grateful to that officer. From that point on we put the cuffs on my son. He was no longer allowed to hang out with that group of friends. He went to school, was dropped off and picked up at the bus stop. He did homework and was required to comitt to a activity(it was not an option) He chose basketball. I checked his back pack, room, cell phone at least 3 times a week. Talked to all his teachers on a regular to determine what was going on in school. He was required to be in the house when the street lights came on up until he received his driver’s license at 16. (not an option) It’s hard work. But it pays off. If you don’t do the same. You will lose your son to the streets. He’s 18 now. He just came back home for the summer this May. That activity we MADE him commit to, earned him a full ride basketball scholarship. He’s on the dean’s list. He still has a curfew at 18. I still go through his room. When he was away at school, I called his coaches to confirm his activities. If he does decide to go down the wrong track it won’t be on my watch!

  • Chattipatti65

    Sarah I was abused as a child and I did not become a problem child? Not every family is the Brady bunch, BUT RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG. These kids have choices and they made the wrong choice, so hopefully they will pay.


    i ALWAYS knew where my son at 13 was. 2 days on the loose not reported missing by parents?

  • Barry McCockner

    As part of the plea deal, the DA should impose an option to sterilize these hood rats so they can’t reproduce any illegitimate future criminals into modern civilization.

  • Shamalama Ding Dong

    Taught him morals eh? Guess the values they teach in the black community don’t include ‘Thou Shall No Steal” Don’t worry, your son is getting taught an entirely new set of values. Like how to scrub the dirty underwear of his much bigger cell mate, and how not to complain during his nightly salad tossing duties.

  • SD

    Someone should like ok into the fact that even though the robbery suspect had cut off his GPS, stole a car, and committed a robbery, he has since been placed back on GPS

  • sparkles

    To bad so sad! All you people are preachers or belong to a church. Sunday at church and pray and the other six days of the week you all are committing crimes, PRAY FOR YOUR SINS!

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