“She knocked me to my knees:” Woman fears for her life, worries about crime in her neighborhood

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MILWAUKEE — She won’t show her face because she fears retribution. But a woman who lives on Milwaukee’s south side says she has to speak out. She was the victim of an assault — and says more residents should go public about crime happening in their neighborhoods.

woman1The woman is in her 50s and says she was beaten up by a young woman at a gas station on S. 16th Street.

“And I walked out the door and next thing I know, I’m getting hit from behind and punched at least 10 or 12 times. She knocked me to my knees,” said the woman.

It’s an act of violence the woman believes is happening more throughout Milwaukee’s south side neighborhoods.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn spoke to that point at a meeting of the Milwaukee Common Council’s Public Safety Committee earlier this week.

“We’re concerned whenever there is an increase of violence anywhere,” said Flynn. “What the south side has going for it, is strong, mobilized communities that know how to access their aldermen and know how to watch over their public spaces.”

That is exactly what the woman wants to echo.


Milwaukee Southsiderz is a website that is on Facebook and there are a lot of people that voice their opinions on everything from robberies to crimes to attacks,” said the woman.

woman2The woman says if people see something, they should document it — because it could be useful in preventing crime or finding those responsible when it is committed.

“We invite them to stay organized and involved and work with their district commanders so we can continue to get a handle on this — because we’ve got good witnesses south side. We make good arrests on the south side,” Flynn said.


    • Scott

      The multi billion dollar train to nowhere and the new downtown stadium will help fight crime or Barrett the relentless crime fighter wouldn’t be doing it right?. After all, in times of open urban warfare the best course of action is a nice game of badminton.

  • Paula

    WTF is going on in this city/state? Thugs everywhere. This attacker is just more garbage that needs to be buried.

  • Gary Hamilton

    Sorry Flynn you and Barrett aren’t conce red enough, you are useless. Milwaukee is now beyond being saved because of you two idiots. Yes the Southside has now been so intensely overrun by the criminal element that it cannot be turned around. How in God’s name Barrett got reelected I have no idea! How could so many people not have voted this goofball out of office. Bob Donovan and Sheriff Clarke were the only hope for Milwaukee and it would have been a struggle for them. Now you reelected Barrett for four more years and he extended his puppet Chief Flynn’so contract four more years. Milwaukee and it’s wonderful history are done. What a poor excuse for city leadership and the citizens who reelection them. The people who work so hard to raise their families and move to the Milwaukee County Subdivisions paying incredibly high property taxes will continue to pay for the criminal element. Any intelligent business owners will move their businesses out of Milwaukee because of high risk of assault to their businesses and employees. The upper class who live downtown and by the lakefront will be ambushed once riots begin.

  • Scott Z

    Yes Flynn needs to go. All he cares about is getting reinforcements when some dumbass white dude’s violin gets stolen.LMAO


    Obama’s hope and change working well in the hood. You voted for it, you got it.

  • Taco juan

    Milwaukee has become a lawless city thanks to an inept Police Department, and inept Mayor. Which by the way the stupid citizines of Milwaukee just re elected.

    On Monday of this week my daught on her way home from work. Was taped in the rear end of her car by two 14 or 15 year old’s deiving a Jeep.. She call 911. Was told, “unless someone is dead or bleeding the Police weren’t showing up. Wjem the two in the Jeep saw her talking on her phone, they drove off, and a second vehical with three young black male’s followed the Jeep. The next day my daughter went to district 4 Police Station to report what happened. She was told, “without a license plate number there was nothing that could be done. When she tried giving a discription of the two in the Jeep, and the Jeep it’s self the Dumb COP said the info wouldn’t help. We are going to be watching for this Jeep in the News in the next month or so. The Mayor, as well as the Police aren’t even trying to make Milwaukee safe. I also believe Milwaukee doesn’t deserve any more fund’s for Law Enforcement. My suggestion to anyone living in Milwaukee that value their live’s? Get out now while you can. OH and FOX 6, stop with the “Because you matter”. Until these Media people live where the crime is. The only thing they care about is covering for the Inept Mayor. FOX 6 should be ashamed of themselves. The only tjomh tjat woll stop this Lawlessness will be when a gew of these punk’s get cap’s popped in their chest’s, and Mommy, as well as daddy has to go down to identify their dead ass. Milwaukee, how could you have re elected one of the most inept men in Public office again? Maybe Tom Barrett has a agreement with these gang’s to loot, and destroy Milwaukee. You habe to wonder.

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