Two accused in four-day crime spree that involved carjacking with baby in car, triple shooting

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MILWAUKEE -- 22-year-old Matthew Long and 17-year-old Avan Kittler, both of Milwaukee, are accused of a crime spree in Milwaukee in late May. The alleged crimes happened over a period of four days on the city's north and south sides.

Matthew Long

Matthew Long

Long faces the following seven charges:

  • Robbery (use of force) - party to a crime, habitual criminality repeater (two counts)
  • Armed robbery - party to a crime, habitual criminality repeater (three counts)
  • First-degree reckless injury - party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon, habitual criminality repeater
  • Abduction (takes child by force) - party to a crime, habitual criminality repeater

Kittler faces these seven charges:

  • Robbery (use of force) - party to a crime (two counts)
  • Armed robbery - party to a crime (three counts)
  • Abduction (takes child by force) - party to a crime
  • First-degree reckless injury - party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon
Avan Kittler

Avan Kittler

May 21, 2016

According to the criminal complaint, the crime spree began very early on Saturday, May 21st. That's when Long and Kittler are alleged to have stolen a pizza delivery driver's vehicle as he was making a delivery near 16th and Marshall. The delivery driver in this case ran "toward his car yelling, 'What you doing?'" The delivery driver noticed someone exit the vehicle and began running away. The deliver driver began chasing him -- and was nearly run over by a vehicle coming in the other direction. A person jumped out of that oncoming vehicle -- and "put his hands up in a fighting stance and (the delivery driver) stated he squared up and prepared to defend himself." The delivery driver then "believed two suspects were going to attack him so he turned and ran away." He "felt a blow to the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground." The driver told police the suspects "punched and kicked him in the head, his back and on his body." The suspects also went through the driver's pockets and grabbed money. The delivery driver "stayed balled up in the fetal position until he heard the cars driving away."

The second incident in this crime spree happened late on May 21st. A man was driving near 30th and Oklahoma just before midnight when he "was rear-ended from vehicle directly behind him." When the man got out of the car to assess the damage, the passenger in the other vehicle "had a gun in his hand and demanded his keys to his vehicle." The suspects got away with the victim's vehicle as well as possessions inside.

May 22, 2016

A couple of hours later, on May 22nd, a Shotspotter detection directed police to the neighborhood near 18th and North. A man told police "his vehicle was shot at numerous times after an incident involving a gray minivan and another vehicle.

The victim indicated "the gray minivan swerved around him on his passenger side and struck the front passenger side of his vehicle." A second car "then swerved around him on the driver's side, passing him in the oncoming traffic lane." Both vehicles apparently came to a stop once they were ahead of the victim. The man told police he drove around both vehicles and parked to get out and assess the damage. A woman and three children were inside the minivan. They ignored the man's questions about whether they were okay. The woman in the minivan then got into the third car -- and "some unknown person then drove the gray minivan away."

When the victim approached the third vehicle, he noticed the driver "reached down by the middle console in his vehicle and armed himself with a handgun." The victim told the driver, "No, this isn't worth it, forget about the accident, I'll leave." As the victim started walking back to his vehicle, a passenger in the car got out armed with a handgun and threatened the man. The complaint says "as he was running away, he heard numerous shots being fired." The victim managed to get someone to stop and help him -- but not before his car was riddled with bullet holes, inside and out.

May 23, 2016

On the morning of May 23rd, a woman was dropping her child off at Fairfield Elementary School. Her infant son was in the rear seat of the vehicle. The complaint indicates a vehicle struck the woman's car from behind. When the woman got out of her vehicle, two men exited the car and "pushed her forcefully out of the way and entered the driver's side of her vehicle." She pleaded not to take her car because her child was inside. But a suspect drove the vehicle away -- and a short time later, "removed the infant from the back seat, and place the car seat on the grass." At that point, the driver drove off.

Suspects dump baby from vehicle after "bump and run" carjacking near 66th and Montana

Suspects dump baby from vehicle after "bump and run" carjacking near 66th and Montana

The mother in this case spoke anonymously with FOX6 News.

Carjacking victim

"I actually grabbed onto the bar, the door handle, so I have a little bit of road rash," said the mother.

Later on May 23rd, a man told police he was standing out in front of his home near 26th and Medford with three friends.  They saw a person come out of the gangway screaming, "You know what time it is!" At that point, the man indicated he "heard gunshots being fired, and felt himself get hit by one of the shots." The suspects fled the area. In all, three of the people in front of the home were wounded by the gunfire.

26th and Medford

26th and Medford

May 24, 2016

A man was walking in the alleyway near 27th and Lloyd. The complaint indicates he was approached by two people who exited a car. "Both actors pointed handguns at (the victim) and stated, 'Give me your stuff! Don't make me kill you! You think I playin'!'" The victim resisted verbally "and the second actor discharged a round from the gun into the ground." The first person struck the victim in the face. At that point, the victim laid down on the pavement -- and the suspects removed his jeans, Nike Air Jordan shoes and an MCM belt. The suspects then fled the scene.

Investigators caught up to Long and Kittler later on May 24th -- and when executed a warrant at a home near 39th and Wright. The criminal complaint indicates Kittler spoke to investigators about each of the above incidents.

Matthew Long, Avan Kittler

Matthew Long, Avan Kittler

Long and Kittler each appeared in court on Tuesday, June 7th for their preliminary hearings. Each was bound over for trial -- and pleaded not guilty to the charges facing them. They are both expected back in court on June 13th.

All together, the charges add up to a maximum sentence of 220 years in prison. Long could face another 42 years on top of that for being a repeat offender.


  • Klaatu

    This is realllllly getting old.
    Ok, Mr. Mayor, is now the right time to have a sit-down with your D.A’s / Judges and request that they start imposing criminal charges and sentences that are aligned with the crimes committed?
    More repeat offenders on the streets. Throwing money at the problem doesn’t solve it unless the money is for a one way ticket out of society.

  • Salvatore

    These evil monsters deserve to be hanged for crimes against humanity. Other countries don’t put up with this crap.

    • Klaatu

      Other countries aren’t run by wimps with a liberal agenda to make us all dependent upon the government. Other countries don’t care if they hurt the criminal’s feeling (or a$$) by giving him 40 lashes in the public town square for graffiti. But here in the liberal states of demerica the criminals are viewed as mistreated, downtrodden victims of society. Vote Republican and take back your rights to a free and safe society.


    Let’s start a recall on Barrett. I know…wouldn’t work. I have no idea how so many people voted for this guy.



  • imcrazy

    The judges,lawyers,DAs and the mayor should be charged with dereliction of duty. They aid and abet these criminals time after time. Protecting honest people is not a priority to them.

  • walloffthenorthside

    I’m sure they’ll get probation as part of Barrett tough stance on crime. Too bad their victims weren’t CCW and could have rid society of these 2.

  • SPtruth

    Hey everyone needs to back off of these good kids that are just trying to get by. You know they are both double majors at Marquette, while helping raise their 10 bothers and sisters and paying the mortgage. I’ve got an idea, release them to the Boys and Girls Club to handle since they so easily make excused for a couple of kids just being bored kids. #leavingmilwaukee


    A.J. Bayatpour – your first three words for the the video are, “The ESCAPADE started….”. This sounded way off to me. The definition of escapde is, an act or incident involving excitement, daring or adventure. (Yeah, I had to look it up.) How insulting to the victims to minimalize what happened to them with that word. Do a follow up on all the people that were affected by these two – car jacked, a baby’s life at stake, the pizza guy robbed, the three on the corner that were shot at – ask them if this was an escapade for them.

  • deadbeat nate

    hey law abiding citizens of milwaukee: how has ‘hope and change’ been working out for you?

  • Leroy

    How is that democratic machine helping ya’ll out in the inner city.. They are borrowing from your future to fund your programs and what a pat on the back with a vote. Wake up and vote them out of office and get a real leader that can handle the problems since you all are incapable of solving them.

  • Scott

    Well, the people of milwaukee keep voting for leftist scum. Henry Mayer and James Groppi were responsible for importing these “people” to the city from the southern states in the 60s…but the people just kept voting for the leftist pig.
    My parents used to live on 5th and Ring, today I wouldn’t walk the streets in their former neighborhood without at least a patrol sized element of heavily armed mercenaries.
    Milwaukee is the perfect example of the left’s Utopian dream city.

  • Angry Dad

    Matthew Long is one ugly mf’. His face just screams “I am a total dumbass loser and will never in my life have a job or a purpose and will spend most my life locked up like an animal.”

  • Clavius

    So when will all these politically correct liberals come out of their trance and get with the program?
    We need to begin operation “hood rat genocide” very soon.

    • Sickened

      I am so sick of having my hard earned tax money go to supporting ghetto queens spreading their legs and popping out more of these useless thugs who we see in these news articles day after day. These black ghetto trash mommas keep breeding loser kids who they can’t support financially or emotionally and provide no healthy home life, work ethic or role models.

  • Stupid is as Stupid Does

    17 and 22? Chances are they already have 8 kids between them… with at least 6 different moms… at least two of which are probably rape victims… at least Matthew’s baby momma’s would have to be, right? this is why they’ll end up with yet another slap on the wrist from the DOJ in Milwaukee. To me, the only thing they seemed to do right was dropping off that baby after they stole the car. The judge will tote them as heroes for doing so, further impugning their case for a reduced sentence.

    So sad, the state of Milwaukee…. so sad the state of this country. And as Barack and Hillary go to Green Bay to drum up support, they will avoid Milwaukee like the plague. Why you ask? Simple, because liberals are really good at preaching for criminals rights and how society has failed them.

  • Chris

    And kittler is now free on a $1000 bail bond. Great system we have here. Time for my family to sit in fear until he does something again. Thanks alot judicial system.

    • sick of it all

      I saw this as well, that he was out on a 10k bail. 10k…. seriously. I had a friend who was arrested for having a child porn video on his computer. he got 10k. 1 count. now, personally, I feel that 10k was an adequate bail setting for his offense. This guy, he is facing spending the rest of his life in prison. so now he has 2 options. 1. run. 2. go out with a bang and have as much fun as you can before you go back in. I am pretty sure the 10k was nothing for his friends to come up with, and if they lose it, so be it. He will be out, jacking more cars, shooting at more people and causing problems in the lives of more victims until he gets caught again, if he gets caught again. but IMO, there is no way this guy sees his day in court without being dragged back in by the police after he skips bail.

      maybe that’s the theory. set the bail low, make it so they bail jump, collect the bail money and keep milking that cow. if that is the case, that is just as bad as cutting funding to the inner city. instead of not giving them the money, you are just taking it in the form of bail forfeitures. Maybe set the bail high, keep a criminal off the streets, and the community a little safer. he’s 17, if we’re lucky, he’s not yet a baby-daddy, so we are not leaving yet another child without a father. This is not a case of someone who just made a mistake. this is a case of someone who simply does not care. you don’t have a mistake that lasts 4 days. 10k what a joke.

      He turns 18 at the end of July, maybe then this (what is likely to be called a good boy by his mom) moron will get arrested again, and there will be no question of which court he will appear in.

      Jacob Daniel Corr and Frederick C Rosa should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a low bail. I tell you what, the words “the honorable” should be removed from any references to Frederick C Rosa from this day forth.

  • MikeHunt

    Euthanasia is the only solution here. I don’t want to pay for three hots and a cot and cable and a gym and a library for these clearly unreachable scum.

  • wally

    So why didn’t they just shoot these animals on site? Why do we have to pay for court lawyers and jail time. They are not productive members of society so get rid of them. Dig a pit and then bang, bang..

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