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Ahead of release of “Finding Dory,” fish experts warn blue tangs are not for beginners

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Blue tang

Pixar’s highly-anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo” will soon hit theaters — and there is concern about what the film’s popularity means for a certain fish.

Everyone’s favorite forgetful fish is swimming back to theaters in 2016 in “Finding Dory.”

Ellen Degeneres returns as Dory — the breakout star from 2003’s Oscar-winning “Finding Nemo.”

The fish Dory represents is called a blug tang, but if you ask a child the fish’s name, they’ll probably say “Dory.” Fish experts are expecting the blue tangs to become a hot commodity due to the film’s popularity.

It’s become a concern at aquariums and fish stores.

“A lot of kids seek out those animals — and recognize them. There was a big rush to buy ‘Nemo.’ We saw about a 30 percent increase in sales,” Mike Concannon, Houston Zoo Aquarium supervisor said.

“The blue tang is definitely not a beginner fish. The investment that you’re going to make to keep an animal like the blue tang, or the hippo tang healthy over its lifetime would probably approach $1,000 dollars just for the setup,” Dennis Hoang, with FJW Aquarium said.

“Finding Dory” hits theaters on June 17th, 2016.

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  • Tse Makco

    If you are in the market for clownfish, try to buy captive bred clownfish as they are much hardier compared to wild caught clownfish and less likely to carry disease/viruses/parsites that would otherwise cause serious damage to your existing aquarium. Clownfish are relatively easy to keep and can thrive in the home aquarium if given the proper care and environment.

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