“I don’t bamboozle anybody:” Tempers flare at Public Safety Committee meeting discussing city’s crime

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MILWAUKEE -- The second meeting in a series of special meetings about crime in the city was held Friday, June 10th. This one included a presentation by the Milwaukee County district attorney and several assistant DA's.Public Safety Committee meeting

Milwaukee's crime rate has been on the rise. Alarming enough for the city's Public Safety Committee to hold a series of special meetings to look for ways to combat crime.

This issue is clearly a hot button one as tempers flared inside Friday's meeting.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm began his presentation by explaining his office's role in keeping the community safe. He also gave the committee an idea of how large the problem is.

John Chisolm

John Chisolm

"As of April 1st, there are currently pending in the Milwaukee Circuit Court system 5,805 criminal actions -- and let me be clear those are individual cases. Each one of those cases could include multiple multiple accounts," said Chisolm.

It didn't take long for Milwaukee Alderman Mark Borkowski to raise tensions, accusing the DA of "bamboozling" the committee with a bunch of numbers.

"Our offices are getting calls on an hourly basis, the city is burning down and again. I don't feel like I get a sense of urgency," said Borkowski.

Mark Borkowski

Mark Borkowski

"First of all, I don't bamboozle anybody; quite frankly that's more in your realm. What I do is I prosecute cases aggressively when we have sufficient amount of evidence to prove those cases," said Chisolm.

The head didn't stop as the DA tried to further explain his position, Borkowski interrupted him.

"When was the last time you called out a judge for being soft," said Borkowski.

"My job isn't to call people out, Alderman," said Chisolm.

"Then your job is to let multiple offenders go back out," Borkowski fired back.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan jumped in, calling for civility.Public Safety Committee meeting

"Alderman, that's enough, Alderman please show the respect to the DA that you would expect to get from him," Donovan said.

Chisolm told the committee his office is doing things no other DA in the country does.

"And that's put our prosecutors out in the community. So when you say I don't get those calls, you're wrong, I do. Because I am there with the community and my community prosecutors on a daily basis," Chisolm said.Public Safety Committee meeting

District Attorney Chisolm added turnover at his office is also a problem -- saying low pay has caused 18 assistant DA's to leave the office and find work elsewhere in this past year.

The DA also said pointing fingers isn't going to solve the issue, which all parties agreed on.

The Public Safety Committee is asking for a concrete plan from the DA and his staff by August.


  • Gooddaysgonebad

    Claims there is no money to support more juvenile detention centers, no money for more police officers yet we spent hundreds of millions on an arena and the trolley. Great priorities by our idiot major and the counsil. Morons.

  • Enuf Already

    They should all be fired. Quit talking and call in the guard to get control of the city back and put some serious people in charge. It is time for the adults to replace the career politicians who just talk and talk and talk.

  • Clinton

    This clown Chisholm spent far too much time and resources trying to prosecute innocent conservatives with John Doe probes. Typical democrat loser who fits right in with mayor mccheese and his lackey the spineless jellyfish cowardly weasel flynn. All effn L-O-S-E-R-S!!!


    John ” not my fault ” Chisholm, if the job’s too much, find something more suited to your ability, Street Sweeper????? Dog Catcher?????? You definately aren’t a Prosecutor. Prosecutors prosecute. Borkowskis’ got every right to be irritated at the pathetic job your revolving door office has continued to release criminal after criminal BACK INTO THIS CITY only to have them INJURE…STEAL….AND KILL OVER AND OVER AND OVER……

  • Gary Hamilton

    Chisholm you are a joke, you and most of this cities liberal leaders have destroyed Milwaukee. Their is no way of repairing this once great city. When I was a child the small part of Milwaukee was high crime. Now the smallest part of the city is low crime and we are afraid to live here. These meetings are a comical waste of taxpayers money. You idiots will never do the right thing anyway. Borkowski is my alderman and sees that the area he represents is the last safe part of the city, and the criminal element has begun moving in. Bob Donovan’so area has been destroyed. Bob Donovan is a good man who tried very hard to save his district, but Barrett and Flynn the two most incompetent leaders in this city showed him no support. The only reason Barrett and Flynn are still in power is because the largest population in this city are the criminal element or support the criminal element, and reelected this idiot. They have done everything they can to keep the downtown area safe and forgot about the rest of Milwaukee. Once the criminal element start their foolish riots here, the wealthy people who move downtown will be ambushed with no where to run.

    • HELP

      Your poor Alderman looks like he’s treading water with absolutely no help in sight. Like he’s trying to fill in the Deep Tunnel with a Teaspoon. Like he’s trying to get to the moon in a Hot Air Balloon. I would feel so HOPELESS and HELPLESS being in his position trying to stave off the Criminals and Lowlifes with people like Chisholm….Barrett…and Flynn in charge seemingly working against me.

  • Michael Neils

    So once again if they (assistant DA’s) just made more $ they’d stay and get the job done. $ $ $ !!! Do your dang job. There IS no more $. It used to be if you wanted more $ you WORKED HARDER. Proved yourself. Made yourself an asset. If any of them applied by me I’d be lets see here, crime is high, your not putting anybody behind bars-you just expect the community to pay more $ for more programs to rehabilitate, and you want to work for me for more $ to do the exact same thing?! I see a failed track record not a proven one. Best of luck to you. Next?

    • I GIVE UP

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if it wasn’t the lack of money that they make but the fear of all the crime being committed in the neighborhoods they live in, the same neighborhoods they’re suppose to be ridding the criminals of. And then fleeing to a County that actually has a D. A. that does his or her job and takes Criminals off the streets. MAYBE THEY’RE SICK OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE WHO TREATS CRIMINALS LIKE THE ANGELS THEY AREN’T.

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