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Fledgling owl rescued from Milwaukee’s Lake Park

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MILWAUKEE — The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society is taking care of a small Eastern Screech Owl that was rescued from Milwaukee’s Lake Park.

Somehow, word got out to some of the local bird-watchers that the Humane Society was taking care of “The Lake Park Screech Owl,” a popular owl that could be seen in the daytime this past spring in Lake Park as it sunned itself in the opening of a hollow tree right next to one of the park paths.

It turns out the Humane Society is actually taking care of The Lake Park Screech Owl, Junior!


According to the Wisconsin Humane Society, the young bird was rescued by a couple of bird-watchers when they found it grounded and rushed it to care.

The owl arrived to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center weak, shocky and couldn’t stand.

After a few days of treatment, the owl is doing much better and is accepting hand-feedings.

As soon as the little owl is fully recovered, and the weather is favorable, they’ll be looking to get the little owl back to the care of its parents in Lake Park.