Teens ages 17, 16, 15 arrested after crash during pursuit involving four other vehicles

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say three teenagers are in custody after their vehicle caused a crash involving four other vehicles near 36th and Villard.

This all began around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, June 12th when an off-duty officer on his way home from work spotted a suspicious Ford F-150, and suspects appearing to be breaking into vehicles in the area of 89th Street and W. Chambers Street.

The officer followed the vehicle as it left the area.

Crash at 36th and Villard

Crash at 36th and Villard

Police say one of the suspects fired several gunshots at the officer as the vehicle drove away. No one was struck by the gunfire.

More than 12 hours later, around 1:30 p.m., the F-150 was spotted by officers near Sherman and Hampton.

A pursuit ensued after officers attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled.

When the pursuit reached the area of 36th and Villard Avenue, the F-150 disregarded a red light and struck a northbound Nissan Sentra.

Crash at 36th and Villard

Crash at 36th and Villard

This caused the F-150 to strike a Chevy Cruz that was also driving in the area.

Before coming to rest, the F-150 struck two parked vehicles.

Three suspects fled from the Ford.

As they ran, an officer discharged his firearm at one of the suspects believed to be armed.  No one was struck by the officer’s rounds.

The suspects were taken into custody a short time later.

Crash at 36th and Villard

Crash at 36th and Villard

They are a 15-year-old boy, a 16-year-old boy, and a 17-year-old boy — all from Milwaukee.

The 17-year-old is out on bail for an armed robbery, police said.

Two handguns were recovered from the F-150. The suspects were taken to a hospital for medical evaluation.

The driver of the Nissan Sentra was not injured.  Two adults and three children in the Chevy Cruz were all taken to a local hospital for treatment of what is believed to be non-life-threatening injuries.

The investigation is ongoing and the case against the suspects will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.

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    17-year-old is out on bail for an armed robbery, Tom Barrett maybe this is why crime is crazy in your city, fact is it is why!

    • Knowledge Seeker

      This is actually ridiculous. Now if the cop actually shot the kid, it would be all #blacklivesmatter – what about tax paying citizens lives matter. We should be able to drive down the streets without these thugs in stolen cars puttin all of our lives at risk. WORST OFF – out on bail for armed robbery. Can we say minimum sentence needed – no bail for armed robbery, carjackings, etc. When is enough, enough?

      • Angry Dad

        If the police wont start chasing and shooting these criminals then maybe we the people will have to… Notice how even after shots were fired from the vehicle MPD’s no pursuit policy kicked in. Apparently terrorists shooting from a stolen vehicle is not dangerous enough for MPD to actively chase them. Also notice how the 17 year old is out on bail for armed robbery! WTF liberal judges? WTF? Can anyone do their job in protecting the public in Milwaukee anymore???

  • Jonathan

    Each one should get 5 year plus restitution no more slap on the wrist for these miss guided children. No sympathy for hoodlums

    • Robert

      Make it 50 years each. In 5 years they would just be right back out doing the same thing – terrorizing our communities, trying to kill police, demonstrating what little regard for life they have. These are dispicable wastes of human refuse. If they’re old enough to steal cars and guns (and who knows what else…), and then use them to nearly kill other people, then they’re old enough to face adult consequences for those actions. Fry them.

  • Gooddaysgonebad

    Barstards will be put in 1 week. Stupid major, stupid judges, and the dumbest juvenile justice system in the US. Top 6 most dangerous city soon to be top 3. Just keep letting them out.

    • Jon from Milwaukee

      I think you mean “Stupid mayor”. I would had useless, imcompetent, lying, stupid mayor. We had a chance to elect Donovan and start fixing things, but apparently too many Milwaukeans like living in a criminal’s paradise. Me, I voted for Donovan.

      • harry

        Yes I noticed some grammar error thanks to my phone’s autocorrect. Well if things in Kilwaukee has been going downhill for the past few years I dont understand how you can vote for the same person to be re-elected. Its just stupid. I have lived in plenty of other states in my life and I Wisconsin is the most lenient state on crime. OWI isnt even a crime its a violation. The juvenile justice system is complete joke. No one has a clue of what to do. I mean how can a 17 year old charged with armed robbery be out on bail. Just stupid.

  • Disgusted

    And all we hear from the mayor is crickets. Trolley Tom has no answers. It appears he likes what is going on. He seems to support it with his silence. Can’t blame the governor for this. This is your house.

  • Knowledge Seeker

    THANK YOU! Where are these parents. I know in my house, we would have wished to be in jail pulling something like that. Charge the kids, charge the parents – lock them up and throw away the key.

      • Gary Hamilton

        I totally agree with you. I feel when we have these repeat offenders causing all this trouble, that the judge who let them back out on the street should have their name acknowledged in these articles.

      • Michael Neils

        I think the judges should have to let the little criminals live with them in their homes, in THEIR homes/neighborhoods. See how that works out.

    • +1 Clint

      Ignorant racist? Clint suggests hanging the criminals. What is racist about that? Criminals were hung in America’s history, regardless of their race. This story doesn’t mention the race of the criminals. What assumptions are you making?

  • Brisls

    Don’t just put them in jail/prison for relaxation They don’t work now, no TV, radios, etc, jail/prison isn’t supposed to be “easy) or to learn additional ways to hone their felonious skills, add mandatory Boot Camp to that jail/prison sentence. No weapons training, just breaking them down to rebuild them with (if possible) honor and integrity as an end result. They must also apologize to those whom they’ve damaged, pay restitution and NO EARLY RELEASE. I’ve been told I live in a fantasy world, I’d rather live there than in what is Barrett’s, Flynn’s, Abele’s and Chisom’s reality worlds.

  • dasd dasdasd

    Where are the parents of these teenagers? Too many crimes have been going on in the city of Milwaukee. I am seriously considering moving far away!

  • Dissapointed

    It wasn’t even this bad when I grew up on the Northside. But it’s different now smh parents need to control they’re kids and actually teach them respect/good values otherwise this will continue.

  • heart broken mother

    I am the parent of one of the children who committed this crime. I would like to apologize to the families and people who were hurt. My son needs to be held accountable for his actions without question. Some one asked where were the parents. I was at home waiting for my son to arrive and like any mother. I had a bad feeling something had happened. I raised my son with values and morales along with love and discipline. I won’t make excuses because he knows the difference between right and wrong. I’m not a perfect parent but I did my best. My son isn’t perfect but I pray this is a lesson learned. I love my son but sometimes to love your child is to return him to God and that’s all I can do at this point. Whatever the court seems sufficient then that it shall be. I pray for him and the rest of our youth .

    • Lisa Loss

      God bless you and thank you for speaking out and letting others know that this epidemic isn’t always due to poor parenting and neglect. We as a society need to acknowledge bigger issues at hand


    Out on bail for armed robbery? What was bail set at? 17 carrying a gun? Could have been multiple charges to keep thug off of the streets. What is so darnb hard about just locking these savages up? Seems that the system is more concerned with the rights of these rats than the right for me to expect to somewhat safely drive in MIl. at 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Sooner or later an official of the city will get clobbered then we will see some action.

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