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“Like a fool we broke:” Traveler shares time share trouble

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GLENDALE —  Wouldn't it be nice to travel the world and know you'll always have a great place to stay? Many travelers enjoy that luxury by purchasing a time share. However, one Glendale couple ran into some issues with theirs and had to turn to FOX6's Contact 6.


Dick Miller

If you look through his photo albums, it's obvious Dick Miller loves to travel.

Miller purchased a time share in 1992. He paid $25,000 down for a time share that gave him access to different resorts.

"So we could go to Spain. We could go to Italy. We go to Brazil. Anywhere," Miller said.

As long as he pays $1,800 maintenance fee, Miller's family can take three or four vacations a year and stay at place he considers top-shelf.

"Full kitchen, fireplace, living room, bedroom and the whole bit," Miller said.

Miller thought it was a great deal until he and his wife agreed to listen to a sales presentation about upgrading.

The presentation went way too long.

"Oh, probably four to five hours," Miller recalled.

The sales representative kept coming down on the price until Miller gave in.

"Like a fool we broke and said okay and we signed," Miller said.


Jim Temmer

Jim Temmer, the new president and CEO of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau says any high-pressure sale should be a warning.

"You really wanna remove yourself so you can have time to think about it," Temmer advised.

When Miller got home, he decided he didn't need the upgrade and tried to cancel.

However, the company wouldn't let him do it and Miller had some choice words.

"Little bit hot under the collar when I was talking with them," Miller said.

After making no progress with the company, Miller reached out to Contact 6.

Soon after, he got a response from the company saying he was getting his money back.

"I'm getting a letter from you guys where everything is straightened out now," Miller told Contact 6's Katrina Cravy.

Miller's experience is a good reminder to really think about what you're buying.

Here's some things to remember when it comes to purchasing a time share:

  • Do your research by checking references and asking for written materials
  • Shop around by looking at different properties and weighing the pros and cons
  • Avoid making impulse purchases

A time share is a big commitment. It's important to take the time to really think about it before signing the contract.

"You know, it's not a car where you have a lemon law. So if that's a valid contract — this is why you have to do your homework ahead of time," Temmer said.

Miller will think twice next time, but he's happy Contact 6 took the time to help him out.

"It took me almost four months and it took you guys less than three weeks. So I'm very thankful," Miller said.

In the end, Contact 6 helped Miller get back $2,855.

So far this year has helped veiwers get back $123,926.17.

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