FBI: Orlando gunman had strong indications of radicalization

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WASHINGTON — FBI Director James Comey says the gunman in the Orlando nightclub attack that killed 49 people had "strong indications of radicalization" and was likely inspired by foreign terrorist organizations.

Comey told reporters Monday that Omar Mateen spoke with a 911 operator three times early Sunday morning. Mateen also pledged loyalty to the head of the Islamic State group on his last call, Comey said.

The FBI investigated Mateen for 10 months beginning in May 2013. Comey said investigators later introduced him to confidential sources, followed him and reviewed details of some of his communications.

The early Sunday attack marked the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Mateen died in a gun battle with police.


  • Hal

    When are we gonna wise up and when there is indication of radicalization just ship them back to Middle East on one way ticket. How many more attacks are we going to ensure before we quit worrying about treating the Muslims with shady ties the benefit of the doubt?

  • Clavius

    He was a committed Muslim following his religion. Most Muslims in the USA are attending school or own a business and dont have time for anthing difficult like jihad. What kind of misfortune or anger does it take to convert an “ordinary muslim” into a “radical” muslim?

  • head hunter

    in the other story obama says it was home grown extremism,now the fbi director says it was foreign terrorist organizations, what is it? obama chose terrorists over americans and clinton is doing the same thing ! people should wake up!!!

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