Former Milwaukee police detective pleads guilty to violating civil rights of handcuffed man

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Rodolfo Gomez

MILWAUKEE — A former Milwaukee Police Department detective pleaded guilty on Tuesday, June 14th to depriving an arrestee of his civil rights by assaulting him while he was handcuffed to an interview-room wall.

49-year-old Rodolfo Gomez, Jr. pleaded guilty before a United States District judge to depriving an in-custody suspect of his civil rights.

The incident in question happened almost three years ago — in August 2013. The allegation is that during an interrogation, Gomez repeatedly punched the victim in the face and head — and kneed him in the torso. All of this allegedly happened while one of the victim’s hands was handcuffed to a wall in an interview room inside the Milwaukee Police Department’s Police Administration Building. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Gomez stopped punching and kicking the victim when a police lieutenant who heard yelling entered the room.



  • Concern citizen

    @bg u r an idiot. The cop is dirty. The person he is accused of doing this is a convicted felinies and was being question for a death of a child he caused. He is convicted of multiple felonies and is is jail for more.

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