“Our flame won’t be extinguished:” Racine community holds vigil to remember Orlando victims

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RACINE -- People in Racine are showing solidarity for Orlando. About 100 people took part in a vigil at North Beach Tuesday evening, June 14th.

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

"I kept thinking that could've been me," said Karen Aber, organizer.

It's difficult to find words at a time like this.

"It could've been any one of my friends," said Aber.

Through tears, Karen Aber leads a vigil just days after tragedy.Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

"It doesn't matter if it's Milwaukee, Wisconsin... Orlando, Florida, it affects us all," Aber said.

Those at Racine North Beach Tuesday night, remember lives lost at the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning, June 12th.

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

"I'm afraid I had some friends who had been in the holocaust there," said Steven Kovacia, LGBT Center Racine.

For Steven Kovacia, the pain hits close to home. A friend of his was in the Orlando club and unaccounted for.

"All the friends in Florida are trying to contact him and see if he's alright. But so far nothing," said Kovacia.

For others who did not know the victims, there is still a sense of loss.

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

"It was devastating because to me an attack on one is an attack on all of us," said Dan Seaver, Kenosha Pride.

As the names of 49 victims are read out loud, there is a promise to be resilient to show the world love will drive out hate.

"Our flame won't be extinguished, it will grow stronger and we will be more united," said Aber.

So many say it hurts most the massacre happened in a safe place. Though shaken, they say they will not live in fear.

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims

Racine vigil for Orlando mass shooting victims



    I wish they reported on Veterans events for weeks at a time in the news like they do this LGBT crap.

  • Alpha Co.

    Hey Steven, this wasn’t a “holocaust”! You might want to re-educate yourself on what that actually is. This was an Islamic Terrorist attack that killed people. Instead of lighting candles and worrying about safe spaces, you should purchase a firearm and train at ranges! That is of course if your wrist can handle the weight! Here is a thought for you, maybe all of you rainbow flag flyers should take a hard look at your political positions. You created this atmosphere where things like this can happen. It wasn’t that long ago where all of the LGBT/gay community was protesting how you wanted privacy and protection rights for Muslims. Or how we should let the Muslim refugees in without question or checks. Since you want to lay in bed with these people, you better accept when they roll over and stab you. Or in this case shoot you. You had a choice on which side you wanted to be on, you chose the enemy. I get this clown was an American, but the same PC crap you wanted for the refugees, is what protected this guy from the FBI and DHS. He should have been locked in a hole somewhere, but PC prevailed and he roamed free! Next time you want to talk about a holocaust, go into the Jewish community and ask them what it really is. What happened in Orlando is that someone from one protected class of psychological misfits, attacked another protected class of psychological misfits! Maybe it’s time for your community as a whole to rethink which side you want to be on and how you need to truly fight this. Here is a hint, candles, vigils, rainbow flags and hugs are not enough. Good luck!

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