“People acted like ghetto thugs:” Bay View woman receives hateful letter after hosting baby gender reveal party

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BAY VIEW -- An anonymous letter and a derogatory term. Now a Bay View woman says she's no longer comfortable in her neighborhood.Bay View

Tatiana Hill reads aloud a letter left outside her Bay View home on June 5th.

"Dear neighbor, yesterday you hosted a party and some of the people acted like ghetto thugs," Hill reads.Bay View letter

The party that letter refers to was a gender reveal for Hill's first baby -- it's a girl!

"My boyfriend and I wanted to celebrate with our family to find out what we are having," said Hill.Bay View letter

Hill says there was no drinking, smoking or loud music. Still, the letter lays out the neighbors' complaints about her guests.Bay View letter

"They sat at the end of your driveway, blocked the sidewalk for hours, they had several cars on the street blocking traffic and frightening passers by," the letter says.

The letter's author says it has nothing to do with race.

"We are concerned because we do not want the violence that follows ghetto people. Please do no invite this group to come back. Sincerely, concerned neighbors," the letter says.Bay View letter

Hill says it's hard to believe it's not about race.

Tatiana Hill and Vabessa Vararamos

Tatiana Hill and Vabessa Vararamos

"Look at my skin color. That's exactly what this means," said Hill.

Hill has lived in Bay View 15 years, now she says she's uncomfortable on her own street.

"If they had a problem with something, they should have been an adult and come to us," said Vabessa Vararamos, Hill's mother.

Hill's mother went door to door trying to find the author.

Tatiana Hill

Tatiana Hill

"The couple neighbors I did talk with, they expressed that this was unacceptable," said Vararamos.

Their alderman, Tony Zielinski, agrees.

"I'm really shocked and dismayed to hear the contents of that letter. That is not the feeling of the overwhelming majority of people in our very diverse neighborhood," said Alderman Zielinski.

"It made me feel like I was the victim of racism and all I'm doing is trying to celebrate my first child," said Hill.Bay View letter

Hill says there were people of all races at her party.

Milwaukee police say they were not called to Hill's home on June 5th -- or any other time this year.


  • BG

    How Sad. This personal needs a life lesson. Coward had to hide behind a letter, instead of talking out the concerns. Racist idiots!

  • Dylan

    The letter is a bit harsh and insensitive…but did the quests block the sidewalk and impede traffic….?…just wondering

  • rude

    Sounds like the commenters here.

    They say all sorts of derogatory stuff on here.
    They would never say it IRL.

    That trolly obsessed guy
    That marine guy
    Opinion8d guy
    The lis goes on. Most can’t spell either. I’m guessing old, racist, retirees.

    • grunt

      What about the It’s Not Our Fault guy?
      The Libertarian guy?
      The guy that labels everyone a racist if they post something you don’t like?

  • Captain

    I’m not defending the letter writer, but why isn’t the issue being addressed. Was there an issue with guests in the street?

  • Ash Rabinowicz

    I live around blacks as well, they are disruptive, loud, and violent/angry. There’s a pretty valid reason why more poeple don’t like them.

    • Angie L.

      Most of them are violent. It seems most of you racist red neck cowards are violent. The mass shootings that have happened in the last few yes have been done by your kind. So I would be careful to say all blacks are violent ESPECIALLY when your kid has a history of violence

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