Police pursuit, crash did not dampen student’s resolve to graduate with her class

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MILWAUKEE -- A terrible crash on Sunday, June 12th did not stop one Bradley Tech High School student from graduation.

A police pursuit on Sunday ended with a crash near 37th and Villard. Nora Winters was in one of the wrecked vehicles.

Nora Winters

Nora Winters

"I have two broken bones in my neck and I busted my head open. I have eight staples in my head," Winters said.

She was waiting for her graduation ceremony from Bradley Tech to begin on Wednesday. But the events of Sunday are not far from her mind.

Winters' sister, Sharron Hart, was driving the car she was in -- it was stopped at a red light.

"And I heard the sirens which alarmed me to look up," Hart said. "And as soon as I looked up, this truck was coming our way."

Crash at 37th & Villard in Milwaukee

Crash at 37th & Villard in Milwaukee

Hart and her three children received minor injuries. But Winters got the brunt of it.

"Nora was unconscious," Hart said. "I turned around. She was slumped over on my baby in his car seat."

But Winters survived -- broken bones and all.

Crash at 37th & Villard in Milwaukee

Crash at 37th & Villard in Milwaukee

"It's like I have to walk across the stage. I have to do it," said Winters.

After running a red light, the fleeing car struck Winters' vehicle, a moving car and two parked cars. She is thankful this day even occurred for her at all.

Nora Winters

Nora Winters

"How do you think you'll feel walking across that stage?" asked FOX6's Beverly Taylor.

"Probably like a big completion, like I finally did it. And it's like what I been through... It's going to be like a big relief that I did it," said Winters.

Winters will now focus on her recover -- and then she is headed to college.

Police detained three teens -- ages 15, 16 and 17. Officials say before the truck they were in caused the accident, one of the teens shot at a police officer.

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  • kw

    God bless you in your future. sorry you have to indure the pain from some kids doing what they should not be doing! congrats to you hun!

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