President’s visit to Orlando on Thursday about offering comfort, support to community

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WASHINGTON —  The White House says President Barack Obama’s visit to Orlando on Thursday is about offering comfort and support to a community that’s grieving.

Spokesman Josh Earnest says many details about the president’s trip are still being worked out, but Obama will meet with and offer condolences to the families of those who were killed and will seek to comfort those who survived.

Earnest tells reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing that the president will also meet with first responders, doctors and nurses who acted heroically to try and save innocent lives. He says their efforts were successful in saving dozens of people, and the president wants to thank them personally.

Earnest says the trip will be an emotional one for Obama and that he will speak publicly about the experience.


  • Libsareliars

    How much you want to bet the clown will obviously bring up gun control. That seems to be the liberal calling. Don’t blame the terroist but rather the weapon he used. Morons!!!

  • Itsabouttime

    Tampa Bay Times reported 9 hours ago that Obama still hasn’t called the Governor Rick Scott of Florida. What a great leader NOT!!!

  • liberty

    Don’t ever blame ISIS for a killing or beheading. Blame the guns, just like booze is the problem with drunk drivers. Get rid of booze. Nobody is accountable for their actions anymore! Being Politically correct is a bunch of crap.

  • Mushtaq Dean

    This is indeed a worth-admiration step of President Barrack Obama. He would embrace those who have lost their loved ones, thumping their backs; he would utter a lot of consoling words for them and the wounded ones.
    Guaranteedly, the whole exercise would bring some relief to those devastated by the tragedy. Whereas, still, the people throughout The United States want from him an assurance for their safety, announcement of his plans that would throttle the recurrence of this kind of incidents.
    I wish to reproduce my comments, published in the media, on possible terror attacks, “since the terrorist attacks in France and California and an outpouring of threats for external intrusion, people remain conscious about their safety at airports, Sea ports, railway stations as well as during the travel and are bound to enjoy half-heartedly their stay at beaches, restaurants, clubs, social functions even at religious gatherings”.
    In this congested climate People are seeking some redeemer, some administrative with iron hand to bring them relief.
    Let us examine what Hillary Clinton holds in hand to combat such eventualities where Guns are used.
    • Support legislation to stop domestic abusers from buying and possessing guns.
    • Close loopholes that let persons suffering from severe mental illness purchase and possess guns keep military-style weapons off our streets.
    • Military-style assault weapons do not belong on our streets. They are a danger to law enforcement and to our communities. Hillary will work to keep assault weapons off our streets and supports reinstating the assault weapons ban.

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