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Latest: 16-year-old boy shot near Bugline Trail has died

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WAUKESHA COUNTY — Waukesha County officials tell FOX6 News the 16-year-old Sussex boy who was shot near the Bugline Trail following an alleged drug deal on May 14th, has died.

Officials have identified the boy as 16-year-old George Erickson.

Two people were arrested in this case — 19-year-old Niikwame Bell of Milwaukee and 22-year-old London White of Milwaukee.

Prosecutors say White shot the 16-year-old boy near the Bugline Trail back on Saturday, May 14th because he was given an empty backpack instead of marijuana.

Bell, White’s alleged accomplice, also faces felony drug charges.


  • Mark

    sorry to hear this, but kids have got to be smarter than to try stunts like this……. especially knowing theyre dealing with drug buyers from Milwaukee. Not like this was their 1st rodeo.


    Too bad that someones son is dead. But….. If you want play with drugs it almost always come with a price. Be prepared to pay it.

  • Clavius

    I agree he was careless for putting himself in that situation, but your pretty heartless to come on here and insult parents who just lost their kid. They weren’t even done raising him yet and you say that.Maybe your parents never tought you to respect the dead or keep your negative opinion to yourself. Im sure the mother and father feel bad enough now, no need to be a dick and rub it in. Don’t forget how young teens can be “young and dumb” and act like they are invincible.

  • ibn nate

    This is a very sad and unfortunate situation, but apparently this sixteen year old young man was no upright citizen himself. He went to a DRUG deal with the intent to SCAM the buyer and probably thought the buyer wouldn’t blast him in the suburbs, but remember a real criminal is going to be just that wherever he or she is. Also, if I remember accurately, the teen had a gun with him too, but correct me if I’m mistaken. Summary of the story is the suburban thug met the urban thug and lost the battle, so there is no need to hurl most of the blame at the black when both of them had ill intentions.

    • Jack Mehoff

      No Nate the 16 year old was unarmed but I think both Milwaukee men had their own guns, the shooter had the .357 . I would of liked to hear the victoms side of the story because everything is based off of the killer, accomplice, and sypposedly some local kid who claimed to be his friend. Why would the Milwaukee men with criminal records including drug trafficing drive out to Sussex to “buy” drugs from some 16 year old? That would be like an educated American sneaking into Mexico to find a landscaping job..
      This whole story smells fishy but I do know for sure that high school kid was very young and dumb and delusional for associating with hood rats, most kids that age should know these nigtards from Milwaukee will chimp out and shoot without thinking of consequences.

  • arykalogan

    Just wanted to come see friends it’s not like he had drugs on him so what if he ripped someone off the person who shot him shouldn’t have been doing a deal in the first place neither of them were in the right but george had good intentions he was a loving caring boy who could always make you laugh and he always had a smile on his face he was there for people when they needed him the most and when he needed people no people came to help him. His has suffered a great loss george was not stupid he was not dumb he was smart and very easy going he had a great heart and great intetions he will be missed and lived by so many this is a very tragic ending to a very tragic story all we can really do is give his faimly prayer and suport and love not rude and vulgar comments about George yes he was only 16 to young for anyone to pass and to pass with what had happened. Read easy homie ♡♡♡

  • arykalogan

    Till did not t dereference to be shot and killed everyone stop being rude to the faimly I knew them personally this has got to stop he was a wonderful young boy who didn’t deserve to get shot and didn’t deserve to die he will forever be missed and loved and for the young man who killed him he was in the wrong coming to a 16 year old for drugs george was just trying to get money to get out of town and come visit faimly in and other state they almost had enough untile that man had to shoot him an unessary violence that turned into death this is heart wrenching and needs to just stop he was not an idiot he was a loving caring boy who had good intentions so what if he had one slip he “took” money from someone stealing something does not resort into killing and if you think it does your crazy and in the wrong

    • liberal propaganda

      Funny how liberal fox 6 will delete offensive comments about the shooter but leaves offensive comments towards the mother of the dead boy…Than you have demented comments that justify his execution because he stole from a criminal. Ok so what if we execute every thief in Milwaukee that steals from the innocent?

    • Local guy

      Why were 2 Milwaukee men with prior drug charges “buying” drugs from a highschool kid in Sussex? Is that truely what happened? because that would be like Isis buying explosives from Toys R Us..

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