Investigators: One gun, one stolen car linked to numerous shootings, including high-profile freeway shootout

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MILWAUKEE -- One gun and one vehicle have been linked to a number of serious crimes. Several new charges have been filed against three men tied to a Milwaukee gang -- after the gun and the vehicle, which was stolen, helped police connect the dots.

Perhaps the most high-profile crime in this case was a shootout on I-43 near the Marquette Interchange in December.

Freeway shootout -- vehicle riddled with bullets

Freeway shootout -- vehicle riddled with bullets

Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with that incident. Two others were charged in December; one of those men is now being connected to multiple other shootings, including a murder.

I-43 SB closed at Fond du Lac Avenue due to "freeway shootout"

I-43 SB closed at Fond du Lac Avenue due to "freeway shootout"

Martez Maclin-Dyson

Martez Maclin-Dyson

It was quiet on Monday, June 20th on 21st Street between Hopkins and Concordia.

"Just the peace and calm we get now -- you can sit out in the daytime and no shooting," a neighbor said.

This neighbor, who asked that FOX6 News protect his identity, said this wasn't always the case. Members of the BOS gang, or "Brotherhood of the Struggle" controlled the block.

"Life around here was a lot of fear. Just fear of your every move. Fear of even being shot in your house," the neighbor said.

This neighbor told FOX6 News things improved immediately following the December shootout on I-43. Police arrested two men, including Martez Maclin-Dyson, who was caught running from one of the vehicles involved -- a black Infiniti.

70th and Glendale

Police say in November, that vehicle was stolen from a woman at gunpoint near 70th and Glendale.

On November 17th, police say a man was shot in a drive-by shooting while walking near 21st and Hopkins. He survived.

21st and Hopkins

In a suspected case of mistaken identity, the victim told police "throughout his life, many people stated that he and Tony Vance look like each other."

Tony Vance fatally shot while driving on Sherman Boulevard

Tony Vance fatally shot while driving on Sherman Boulevard

Ten days after that shooting, 34-year-old Tony Vance was shot and killed while driving on Sherman Boulevard

Following both shootings, the survivor and witnesses described the suspect vehicle as a black Infiniti.

A police informant was quoted as telling investigators that Maclin-Dyson indicated he was Vance's killer, allegedly telling the informant, "this is probably like my fifth body this year."

Lawan Bonner, Vance's cousin, said the family is hoping the arrest will lead to justice for his family.

"My aunt is devastated that the only son she had is gone," Bonner said, "And my cousin, she does not feel she can live without her big brother."

Bonner said the family was made aware of the connection between the suspected shooter and the freeway shooting.

"We hope that the police can finally conclude who did this to an innocent man and justice will be served," Bonner said, "My aunt will do so much better once she receives closure."

Among the 40-plus bullet casings recovered following the December freeway shootout, investigators learned seven were from the same gun used in the shooting at 21st and Hopkins and the shooting on Sherman Boulevard.

I-43 SB closed at Fond du Lac Avenue due to "freeway shootout"

I-43 SB closed at Fond du Lac Avenue due to "freeway shootout"

DNA evidence led to the recent arrests of Corey Campbell and Lance Lewis in connection with the freeway shootout.

Corey Campbell and Lance Lewis

Corey Campbell and Lance Lewis

Maclin-Dyson is now also charged in connection with the shooting at 21st and Hopkins and the Sherman Boulevard murder. He's also charged with a November 18 shooting in which two men were wounded near 36th and Hopkins. The victims in that incident told police they shouted at a black Infiniti that almost ran them over. The driver turned around and shot the men, who survived.

Police say all three men are connected to the BOS gang, which has left one neighbor with a simple request:

"Let it not be the hood. Let it become the neighborhood again," the neighbor said.

In March, FOX6 News obtained a search warrant that indicated police found evidence from the freeway shootout that linked two of the guns used to three different murders -- one of them the death of Tony Vance.

Tony Vance

Tony Vance

Police tell FOX6 News the other two murder cases remain open.


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