Police: Cousin’s employee who fired at armed robbery suspects ordered into DA’s Office

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Shots fired incident at Cousin's restaurant

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating an armed robbery and shots fired incident that happened at the Cousin’s Subs restaurant near 76th and Burleigh. The incident happened around 11:00 a.m. Monday, June 20th.

Officials say two suspects entered the restaurant and pointed a gun at employees. The suspects then stole money from the safe and fled.

One of the employees followed the suspects and fired shots at them.

The suspects were not hit — and Milwaukee police continue their search for them.

Police tell FOX6 News the Cousin’s employee who fired in this case will be ordered into the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon.

A spokesman for the Milwaukee Police Department said this in a statement to FOX6 News:

“Whether or not someone is ordered into the DA’s Office varies on a case by case basis and is also dependent on the totality of the circumstances. “

Christine Specht, president and CEO of Cousin’s Subs issued this statement to FOX6 News:

“We can confirm that earlier today, June 20th, two men entered our Cousins Subs location at 76th and Burleigh and carried out an armed robbery. In response to the robbery, one of our employees followed the suspects outside and fired his personal firearm. The employee acted contrary to our policy, which states that all staff are prohibited from having possession of a weapon while on company property or while on company business. We are fully cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department as they continue their investigation, but want to stress that the security of our staff and guests is of upmost concern and we are grateful that no one was injured in the incident. We are providing support to the staff involved to ensure their health and well-being following this incident.”

Shots fired incident at Cousin's restaurant

Shots fired incident at Cousin’s restaurant

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • Michael Neils

    Way to go employee!!! Heads up thugs. . . Milwaukee is fighting back :) You never know who is armed as who isn’t. That $50 from the register worth your life?

  • Sonya

    The Right to bare arms these thugs,Getting Firearms and not supposed to have a gun, People are tired of all these robberies,Carjackings,Violence Period When you go to work you should feel safe,When you come home you feel safe, When you go to the grocery store you should feel safe, Now this may cost an employee their job!! Sad World Today!!

  • Michael Neils

    I know Bean. If fox 6 follows up & employee does get fired hopefully there will be a fund me site so that employee can pay bills. In the 80’s I worked at a gas station/store and we were told we’d be fired if we fought back-even the women-let the rape happen and file charges. Thankfully nothing ever happened but we all had our secret weapons under the counter. A job loss of 3.35/hour over being raped, robbed or beaten up-we all voted to fight back, look for better jobs and get out.

  • Sandra F

    I would guess the employee didn’t shoot inside the restaurant for a good reason………like maybe there were innocent customers inside?? He/she did the right thing. Too bad they got away.

    • KaitiLu

      I’m all for concealed carry for people who Know What They Are Doing with their weapon. After the threat was over the best thing he (and others present) could do is notify authorities and give them as much information as possible about the suspects. Be a good witness. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with being a good guy with a gun. Knowing when NOT to use it is part of that. If you have any kind of gun, get the training and know the LAWS. This guy is very lucky no one was hit.


    How do they know the suspects weren’t hit? They didn’t catch them. Maybe one of them is bleeding out on their cousins couch right now. Who knows.


    Finally, someone with a gun to protect themself, however, I think care needs to be taken. I’m no lawyer, but I believe that once a person is out of imminent danger and they use the gun against someone, this may end badly for them should someone get hurt or killed. The laws always seem to protect the thugs.

  • Jim

    So the guy is not going to be making $15 hr for putting lettuce on your Sub Sandwich anymore but should be praised for standing up to these thugs. About time someone does!!!!!

  • Clinton

    Hey IDIOT CHRISTINE this is the third robbery at this cousins location in the last year. WTF ARE YOU DOING TO KEEP YOUR EMPLOYEES AND GUESTS SAFE??? Firing employees who stand up to thugs you stupid wench!!

  • Dave

    Instead of DENOUNCING this employee’s actions, COUSIN’S should name him as their —- “EMPLOYEE of the MONTH” an PROMOTE him, to tore MANAGER.
    He was willing to risk his OWN neck to protect his fellow employees AND their store.
    That’s a LOT of dedication for $6.00 an hour.

    Good for you – whoever you are, and SHAME on Cousin’s

  • Criminal lives don't matter

    Good job employee, if it were my shop Id promote you and take you to the range to practice for next time. Make sure you remain calm and make sure no innocent people are in the cross fire or behind the worthless criminal targets. Never take the shot if there is a risk of collateral damage.

  • Aaron

    Are you people kidding? Of course you shouldn’t shoot at somebody who is fleeing a robbery. Good intentions aside, employee acted as irresponsible and dangerous as the drug dealers that we have killing children with their stray bullets. If you lived across the street from the sub shop, would you want someone popping off shots at a getaway car heading in your direction?

  • Shoot Responsibly

    If you carry a gun, you better know how to use it! That is your responsibility. I spend at least 8 hours a month at the range. Hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I’ll feel confident. You could easily hit an innocent by standard if you don’t.

  • Solozzo

    If that happened back in the day, we would chase them down and catch them. If they caught a bullet on the way, too bad. Employee should quit the store that doesn’t support them. I would not feel safe in any place that doesn’t allow their employee’s a fighting chance. Let’s not take the liberal left’s advice on this and sit their like a duck and get wiped out by some black thug. Time to take back the city and fight. Bring in a special police force and raid the whole inner city and arrest any felon that sneezes or spits on the sidewalk and put them in jail just to piss off the potus and black leaders that support them. Try going to chicago and see how fast you get capped walking down the street. This country has a bunch of morons running the joint.

  • yhep

    Awesome that we’re ok with citizens administering the death penalty.

    Stay stupid, Milwaukee. Concealed carry advocates are thugs, too.

    • Rocky Elbowa

      Until one of us saves you or a friend or family member from a rape or brutal attack. If your mother was about to be raped would you prefer someone call the police and wait for their arrival while her panties are being torn off or have one of us shoot the attacker and prevent a life changing traumatic event from occurring?

    • Michael Neils

      Awww what’s the matter? Did you get tagged leaving the scene? ANY given day/night in Milwaukee you can be struck by a stay bullet or ran down in a car flee. Random. I don’t care-if I accidentally got shot/ran down by a bullet from the same gun that shot the criminal or wrecked up the car so be it. My accidental sacrifice would get the criminal off the street and into a morgue or prison.

  • Rocky Elbowa

    IDK man this sounds crazy to me lol. Who goes to get their pistol out of the car when the armed robbers are already gone? Maybe the employee was in on it and that’s how he distanced himself from the “SET UP?” I know a guy who used to get jobs at 24/7 gas stations and have people come in masked up to rob the place in the small hours. I’M NOT SAYING THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED HERE. Maybe there was a female he was trying to impress? OR, he could’ve sneaked out during the robbery, came back in and fired shots into the air as they fled out the back door to scare them? WE DON’T HAVE ALL THE FACTS FROM THE LITTLE BIT OF INFO THIS STORY PROVIDES US. The one thing I don’t get is that he went to his car. unlocked it, grabbed his pistol then shot at the felons as they fled. The key word is FLED. The danger was over, they FLED. I’m all for the cc law but this makes no sense. WE NEED MORE FACTS.

  • Buster

    Why do businesses discourage their employees from carrying? IF EVERYONE CARRIED, CRIME WOULD DISAPPEAR!!!

    • KaitiLu

      Probably liability. This employee went shooting when robbers were running away. He may (should) face charges. The employer wouldn’t want to be held responsible. What if he had injured someone? If you are going to carry, you should know what you are doing. Know the law and practice.

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