“Get quiet, lock the doors:” Downtown campus of MATC temporarily on lockdown; man with gun arrested

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MATC temporarily put on lockdown

MATC temporarily put on lockdown

MILWAUKEE -- A gun on the downtown campus of MATC resulted in a temporary lockdown Thursday, June 23rd. A man was taken into custody and fortunately, there was no gunfire.

As relaxing and quiet as it was outside the MATC Milwaukee campus, it was tense inside on Thursday.

Edward Jones says it started in his culinary arts class just before noon, when someone came after another student.

"The guy started coming in the classroom and the chef told the guy he couldn't come in the classroom. So I don't know where the guy went after that. The chef called public safety," said Jones.

That's when the entire campus went on lockdown.


Tamika Black was in a different class and followed instructions.

"Get quiet, lock the doors. They say if we do hear anything to try not to scream and react so we're not noticed," said Black.

MATC temporarily put on lockdown

MATC temporarily put on lockdown

According to Jones, when public safety officials and police arrived, it was a fellow student who told them that he had a gun.

"They were searching the lab for the bag, but the bag was in a locker out in the hallway," said Jones.

Jones says officers took the student into custody, and according to police, they recovered the handgun as well.

MATC temporary lockdown

So far, police will only say they've arrested a man, recovered a handgun and will release more information as it becomes available.

As for MATC, a spokeswoman says everything on their part was done according to protocol.

MATC temporarily put on lockdown

MATC temporarily put on lockdown

During this incident, MATC's Mass Notification System was activated in all downtown campus buildings to indicate the lockdown. A short time later, the "all clear" was given to students and staff.


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