Republican state lawmaker wants businesses to be liable for gun injuries on premises

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Rep. Bob Gannon

MADISON — A Republican state lawmaker wants Wisconsin businesses to be held liable for any gun-related injuries that may occur on their premises.

State Rep. Bob Gannon, of Slinger, says he plans to introduce the bill for the Legislature to consider in the session that begins in January.

He says in a press release Thursday that the “Disarmed Citizen Compensation Act” would give Wisconsin residents “a better chance of defending themselves and their loved ones against this scourge of terrorist activity.”

Democrats lambasted the idea as irresponsible and dangerous.

Under his proposal, businesses that have a sign prohibiting weapons would be liable for triple the damages to a victim of a gun-related crime there.


  • Get this guy out of office..

    This is crazy, when are these politicians going to get their heads out of their butts?? Lets focus on fixing the economy and bringing jobs back to Wisconsin, quit trying to make life more miserable for people just because you don’t want to address real issues.

  • dolores a solorzano

    this is an absurd law and should be thrown out like the federal proposed law to ban people from living in rvs for more than 3 months because the stupid people say that it’s unsafe and that to me is a bunch of malarky bull crap and is stupid as hell like the other stupid law about rain water barrels i wonder just what is this country coming to nothing but trying to pass stupid idiot laws no more than to suck the life out of innocent people and legally rob innocent people

  • D denis

    This concept is ridiculous. It’s just a way to punish establishments that don’t want every Joe off the street walking in with a gun. Face it, a sign will not stop someone from carrying a gun in, but come on—–punish them for NOT wanting guns? Ever hear of common sense?

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