$409 million: Green Bay Packers report another year of record revenue

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GREEN BAY — The Green Bay Packers have reported another year of record revenue.

Total revenue rose 8 percent in the past year to nearly $409 million in 2016. It’s the 13th straight year with a new high for one of the NFL’s marquee teams.

Revenue from national sources rose 6 percent to more than $222 million. It was outpaced by the nearly 11 percent growth in local revenue to $186 million.

Overall, the publicly owned Packers are ninth in the league again in total revenue. Even an atypical season without a home playoff game didn’t hurt too much.

The Packers hit the road for the postseason in 2015 after a four-year streak of winning the NFC Central ended. The difference in revenue between a road and home playoff game is only about $1.5 million.