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“This is not what you do:” Louisiana mother jailed after disciplining her own children

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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — A Louisiana mother says she was jailed for disciplining her own children.

Apparently, the mother spotted her children and their friends stealing from a neighbor’s home — and decided to hand out a stern punishment. Police say that punishment was too much.

“It’s been hell,” Schaquana Spears said.

Spears says she was placed in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison after she caught three of her children and a few of their friends coming home with stuff they stole from a neighbor.

“They were actually in there with the stolen items. They were jumping out the window with some stuff. They had some running out of the doors,” Spears said.

Spears says she never expected punishing her own children would land her behind bars.

“Trying to catch them to try and get the stuff so I could give it back, and I just grabbed the belt off of the dresser and whooped them,” Spears said.

Spears, a mother of six, says her children are her life, and never would she want to do anything to hurt them.

“I didn’t want them to commit another crime. I did what I was raised to do and what my mother did to me and I’m a bad person and I don’t think that’s right,” Spears said.

Deputies questioned Spears after her son was booked for the break-in.

According to court documents, investigators witnessed bruising on the child, and questioned Spears.

Now, her children, ages two through 13, are staying with her mother, while Spears waits and wonders what’s next.

“Right now, their dad is incarcerated, so that was my main thing. I have them in the best of schools. They are on the honor roll all throughout school. They’re in magnet schools and they were just being kids, being followers. So I though that I was showing them that this is not what you do. You don’t steal people’s stuff,” Spears said.

According to an arrest report, deputies said Spears was arrested because she also used an RCA cord to whip the children and whipped them until they bled.

“We need more parents who discipline their children. Surely you would expect a parent to discipline a child who is burglarizing other people’s homes as this could be a deadly encounter,”  District Attorney Hillier Moore said.

He went on to say his office would be reviewing the severity Spears used to discipline her children.


  • idiots

    WTF. So what if she whooped their asses. What if the home owner had been home with a gun and felt threatened. The kids could be dead or if this behavior continues will be dead or in jail. I think it is more dangerous for the mother to do nothing. To many people out there let their kids do whatever. If there is a go fund me set for this mother’s lawyer bills, I’m in.

  • Justin O'Rorke

    I guarantee you that’s what my parents would’ve done. I’d have been put over my dad’s knee and grounded for 2 weeks, at least. The mother is not in the wrong.

  • Michael Neils

    Let mom go free and clear. She did the right thing. Nothing wrong with getting a blistered backside. THIS is what’s wrong with USA. If she hadn’t punished them, they’d escalate their crimes and end up getting shot by the police and THEN the police would of course, be in the wrong. Make fun of ol’ Barney Fife but he had it right “bud nippin” nip this behavior in the bud.

  • David Wisniewski

    This Politically correct f…ed up world .The police would have just slapped them on the wrists and sent them home with the realization that there is NO consequences for their criminal actions.I applaud the mother . Let her go !

  • Real

    The Government is Fault from taking away a Parent rights to disaplend there own child that why thats America is high crimed now because America, they allowed wild untaimed undisaplended kids to not peisaplended if the those boys go to jail they butthole will be bleeding instead of gun control relist disaplendthe guns have to be pick up be someone to kill something the Government law official thats childless unformed made these laws the police will do worse even kill them claiming they feard for their life whop the dodo out of them thats your child you are responsible for them not the law let her go immediately because watch the news this is a of other undisaplended kids the one that to kids time out is the same that will have a killer outbursts rage that is kill a school,movies theater,streets at least when they get older they will havea lessons to correct directory values & since disaplend has been stop the Government never revisited the law since it was made & after 40 year of inner US terrorist change now you change for the LGM community for a bunch of softies that thing soft but like to penetrate another final get control of kids by disaplend they won’t gays they will be straight as a arrow,they won’t killers or killed unless really threatened or steal law of order! protect parents rights to disaplend how in the hell African brought into slavery then stripped of rights of practice tradition morals the whites Americans still hold a onesided laws thats going to backfire on them & it’s killing everyone & everything moving now, I ask this question was there ever a reevaluation date or expire date on this law why date time moving some a.s.s! remember police shoot to kill so would do you want a bad memory only! p.s I’m not racist just because I said white laws black terms is also acknowledged used names all the time so no messages on that & you would ride a horse unless he’s taimed trained or have a pet dog pooping in hose you even teach them morals & respect!

  • Danni Smith

    they are following your mom example-YOU ARE STEALING FROM ME TO SUPPORT YOUR MANY PREGANCIES in orde to get welfare, that I pay for, while the “father” of your How many Kids, is in jail. For what? Anoher example set by their father example?

  • Klaatu

    The liberal agenda hard at work making sure they have full control of our lives. They won’t allow a parent to discipline their kids, yet they refuse to discipline these kids ensuring they grow up to be criminals. Ignorant America will vote Hillary and perpetuate this control over our lives….

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