“I want people to feel safe:” City leaders unveil “Summer Policing Plan,” an effort to reduce crime & fear

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton and other aldermen, including Bob Donovan and Jose Perez on Tuesday afternoon, June 28th unveiled the Milwaukee Police Department's "Summer Policing Plan" -- an effort to reduce both crime and fear in the city.

"All Milwaukeeans deserve a safe summer," Barrett said.

According to a statement from the Mayor's Office, the goals of this plan include reducing crime, improving neighborhood quality of life, building mutual trust with residents and strengthening partnerships with neighborhood stakeholders.

Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Police Department

"High rates of fear drive people from public spaces, remove informal social control and create a climate for crime," Flynn said.

The city leaders held a news conference Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. near 13th and Mitchell. They said this plan involves building on what they have already done.

This is a joint effort involving the Milwaukee Police Department, Mayor's Office and Milwaukee Common Council.

Milwaukee Common Council

The goal, these leaders say, is not only to reduce crime in Milwaukee, but also to improve the quality of life for those who live here.

Part of the plan includes putting more beat cops on the street.

"More people will see them in more public spaces and create the sensibility that we are available in those spaces to encourage people to use them," Flynn said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed

Chief Flynn said this will help stop crime and reduce fear.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Barrett said crime is down in most areas of the city -- and that includes homicides (down 23%) and robberies (down 9%), but there has been an increase in carjackings (up 5%).

"We're certainly aware of it and we're continuing to focus on it," Flynn said.

Crime in Milwaukee


Barrett said he wants everyone to feel safe here in Milwaukee.


"I want people who live here and visit here to feel safe and more importantly, be safe. We have to make sure we`re doing everything we can," Barrett said.

"It's full speed ahead this summer.  We're anxious to get started and we recognize people are depending upon us," Flynn said.

Milwaukee Police Department

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  • Klaatu

    Those two clowns couldn’t plan a tea party in London. Summer Policing Plan?? WTF is that? Why don’t you two idiots listen to the citizens and just put the scum behind bars. Save yourself the trouble of arresting the same people over and over again just to cut them loose back into the community. Your ineffective policies are a waste of resources.

  • Billy Madison

    Trolley McMayor face and Chief Wiggium could arrest every single scumbag in this city. It’s not the policing that needs to change course, its the DA and his crony Judge Maxine A. White who gladly release these thugs right back where they came from. Not saying Trolley McMayor face and Chief Wiggium aren’t to blame, but the DA and Maxine have a lot more to do with this crime-ridden city.

  • Mark

    Summer policing plan — released partway into summer. If I set deadlines like this, I’d lose my job.

    • Opinion8d

      Not sure if you work for the city or are on welfare, but in the real world, for people like Mark, announcing a plan when the kids have been out of school for over 2 weeks it really missing the point. However, you seem okay letting them off the hook. That’s the difference between government work and private sector business! I’m sure all the city leader’s had to spend countless meetings agreeing on the ‘plan’, then what order they would speak, where it would be held, etc.

    • Mark

      I was defining “summer” in the same way most of the young carjackers do…when the weather gets warm enough to dress down and/or when school is dismissed for the year. Also, announcing a plan AFTER it should be implemented suggests poor planning.

  • Opinion8d

    Everyone knows what the problem is but no one will say it…instead, everyone dances around the issue of black culture in the inner city. Instead of the police being able to enact common sense policing methods, the mayor has to put them on a leash so they don’t offend the black community – and lose votes or worse yet, bring the Obama DOJ into the city again. I don’t know who’s been paying attention, but the black movement of lawlessness -all based on ‘inequality’, is a real threat to our society….if you missed it, watch Jesse William’s speech at the BET awards.

    • Mark Robles

      Your absolutely right!! The black culture that is ruining our cities is one of finger pointing and blaming the world for their crappy lives instead of taking responsibility for their own actions!! That same culture belittles anyone in the community who tries to educate themselves and calls them an Uncle Tom because of it! It’s a culture that embraces THUG LIFE but whines and calls people racist when they are called THUGS!! That particular “black culture” is a self destructive lifestyle that promotes ignorance rather than knowledge!!

      • Opinion8d

        Most definitely!! And sadly, it’s a self-destructive way of life. I look at all that MLK fought for and what things were like back then, and you look at today and how so many just throw away the opportunity for an education is beyond belief. How do the community leaders reconcile that????

      • Hillary is a HE-devil!!


  • Michael Neils

    Homicides are down? There’s been a stabbing or shooting or bludgeoning death every week? Down from what, the crack epidemic and resulting homicides of the 1990’s?

  • Barzini

    Eh, they are all thugs and won’t stop until they are neutralized. This is what happens when they be raised with no father or many baby daddies that are thugs themselves. But the queens love that ebt and snap when it comes to shopping on peoples dime. Time to suppress the violent thugs and throw them in a disciplinary camp to do some hard labor and sweat of that attitude to yes sir.

  • Hillary is a HE-devil!!

    Just waiting for Mayor McCheese and Chief Wiggum to start their “Hug a Thug” Campaign.

  • Hillary is a HE-devil!!

    Why don’t the BLACK community FIX it’s own problems instead of causing them? Blacks commit 80% of all the crime in Milwaukee,and most of it is against your own race?? Stop your typical blame Whitey game,Grow Up,get an EDUCATION,then a JOB,and learn to speak PROPER ENGLISH (the word pants is NOT pronounced pantses,and the word stripe is not pronounced stripey)

  • Metal Maniac

    “the goals of this plan include reducing crime, improving neighborhood quality of life, building mutual trust with residents and strengthening partnerships with neighborhood stakeholders.”

    Yeah… but how? Easier said than done. If you want the streets safe have a curfew for all citizens. That is the only way I see it happening. I don’t mind the crime, it keeps the cops busy so II have more personal freedoms like speeding.

  • bombacim

    What Mayor Snowflake didn’t want to tell you is that these scumbags in the city are just getting worse at aiming. Homicides are down, but shootings are up.

  • Scott

    Feel safe in kilwaukee? Too late.
    We won’t voluntarily go east of 124th and if business requires that we do, we’re heavily armed.
    Nothing in kilwaukee that I can’t get in safer areas.

  • Gary Hamilton

    Crime is down, give me a break! Somehow these goofballs are hiding the facts just like they did before.

    • Scott

      They mis-categorized the crime numbers remember? FBI caught them last year in an audit, kilwaukee climbed all the way to 7th most dangerous city in the country…remember now?

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