Shanika Minor added to FBI Most Wanted list, accused of killing pregnant mother over loud music

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MILWAUKEE -- She's been on the run for three months, and now, Shanika Minor is a Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive. Minor was added to the FBI's Most Wanted list, and a reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for information leading to her capture.

"This is a particularly heinous and brutal crime," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Shanika Minor

Shanika Minor

Authorities are working to track down 24-year-old Shanika Minor for her alleged role in the deaths of Tamecca Perry and Perry's unborn child.

 Bob Shields

Bob Shields

"Minor is being sought for her alleged involvement in first degree intentional homicide, first degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution," Bob Shields, special agent with the FBI said.

Police say 23-year-old Perry, a mother of two, pregnant with her third child, was shot by Minor who came over to her home to settle an argument. The shooting happened near 30th and Auer just before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 6th.

Perry was pronounced dead inside the duplex at 30th and Auer after sustaining a gunshot wound to her chest.

According to the criminal complaint, police went upstairs and spoke with Minor’s mother, who told police that her daughter and Perry had “an argument over the playing of loud music” a week prior to this shooting incident. Minor told investigators her daughter “thought that the victim was disrespecting her.”

Tamecca Perry

Tamecca Perry

Shortly before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, Shanika Minor showed up at the residence near 30th and Auer.

Minor’s mother told police she went outside to “calm things down.”

Minor’s mother said prior to Minor showing up at the home, Minor had called her mother and told her she was at the residence. Minor’s mother said she told her daughter to leave, but her daughter wouldn’t leave. Minor’s mother said she went downstairs in an effort to “prevent her daughter from getting inside,” but she was able to get inside.

Minor’s mother indicated at one point, during the argument, she attempted to push Minor outside, while telling Minor that Perry was nine months pregnant.

Shanika Minor

Shanika Minor

Perry’s boyfriend told police Minor “was carrying a black firearm with an extended clip.” The complaint indicates that while Minor and Perry argued in a hallway, Minor’s mother stood between them, trying to keep them separated. At one point, the complaint indicates Minor “raised a hand and pointed a gun in the direction of Perry.”

The complaint indicates Perry’s boyfriend told police Perry’s daughters were “running toward their mom” and he stopped them.

"Minor allegedly reached over her mother, her mother's shoulder, and fired a round from her firearm towards the woman -- striking her in the chest. The woman retreated into her residence where she immediately collapsed and died, in front of her two children," Shields said.

Shanika Minor

Shanika Minor

Minor’s mother told police her daughter fled the scene in a vehicle.Perry’s boyfriend then heard the sound of gunshots coming from the kitchen area. Perry’s boyfriend as well as Minor’s mother both called 911 immediately after the incident.

Perry’s unborn child, who was due on March 11th, didn’t survive the shooting.

Tamecca Perry shot and killed near 30th and Auer

Tamecca Perry shot and killed near 30th and Auer

Again, Minor is not in custody at this time.

"Shanika Minor may have contact with people in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois and possibly in Georgia," Shields said.

Officials warn that Minor should be considered armed and dangerous.

"She was not one of those people where you saw this coming. So we don`t know how to explain this sudden progression, if you will," Aaron Raap with the Milwaukee Police Department said.

She had many opportunities to put the gun down. Her mother intervened several times to try to prevent what was a ridiculous reason to think of murdering someone," Chief Flynn said.

Shanika Minor added to FBI Most Wanted list, accused of killing pregnant mother

Shanika Minor

If convicted of the charges filed against her, Minor faces up to life in prison.

Anyone with information concerning Minor should contact the nearest FBI office or local law enforcement agency, or submit a tip online. The FBI’s Milwaukee Division can be reached by phone at (414) 276-4684.

Shanika Minor is the seventh person from Wisconsin to be put on the FBI's Most Wanted list -- but the first woman from Wisconsin, and the first person from Milwaukee.


  • tnstrs

    “a ridiculous reason to murder someone” is a baffling inane comment. so is there a good reason to murder someone?

    hypersimplifying the motive doesn’t serve anyone. the noise issue (seriously, who wish be frustrated by this at 3 am) and altercation triggered the violent response, but any number of stressors could have been slowly cultivating it over time. people who feel out of control will get remarkably desperate to feel in control.

    • KMP

      I think you missed this important part of the story..: Minor’s mother “told police that her daughter and Perry had “an argument over the playing of loud music” a week prior to this shooting incident.” The noise issue didn’t trigger any immediate response, and it also does not sound like any altercation took place the night of between the shooter and the victim (almost more the shooter and her own mother as she tried to stop her), so I don’t know that I would call it a “hypersimplification” at all.

    • Wow

      Just had to be randomly racist, huh? Because, in your world, a white mother didn’t just murder her two daughters, huh? Only black people commit crimes, I guess…

      • Nancy

        The black race is a small population of the US, but commits the majority of the crimes! Almost 100% of all shootings are by black men!


    Not to get off on a tangent here, but if “first degree intentional homicide – unborn child” is an FBI recognized crime, then why is abortion legal? Seriously, set aside pro- and anti- for a minute and think about that. Unborn child killed like this is a crime, unborn child killed at a clinic is celebrated as women’s health? Sure the mother in this case didn’t ask for that to happen, whereas a mother seeking abortion did, but the end result is the same. An unborn child was intentionally killed. Do the math.

    • Babelfish

      Funny how truth gets shoved under the rug for the sake of convenience. Our society is filled with double standards and hypocrisy along the lines of your example. I don’t usually reply on forums, but your point is so well stated, I couldn’t help but salute you.

    • Tracey

      1st Degree Intentional Homicide for the infant applies because it was at a point where it could be born alive and survive…this has nothing to do with abortion. Stick to the topic…a pregnant woman due within a week, shot and killed and her baby didn’t survive either.

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