West Milwaukee police: 15, 13-year-old boys arrested after fleeing officer in stolen vehicle

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WEST MILWAUKEE — West Milwaukee police say a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy were arrested Monday, June 27th following a chase that began near National Avenue and Miller Park Way.

Police say the boys were in a vehicle that had been stolen from West Allis.

A West Milwaukee police officer spotted that vehicle near National and Miller Park Way and noticed that the back window was smashed out. The officer tried to get behind the vehicle to run the plate when the vehicle took off.

Police say the vehicle turned in near the Milwaukee VA Medical Center, and came out around Beloit and Greenfield before failing to negotiate a turn onto 51st Street from Greenfield.

The boys eventually bailed from the vehicle, and a foot chase ensued.

Both boys were taken into custody. We’re told one was caught by officers after hiding in some bushes off of Beloit Road, and the other was called in by a citizen who spotted him in a yard.

Police say the 15-year-old, who was driving the vehicle, had a warrant out for his arrest at the time.

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  • Doody

    Same crap day after day!!!! Milwaukee courts better wise up and hold these punks and their parents accountable. Milwaukee is turning into such a scary place with these delinquents acting above the law. Shame on their parents. If my teenager was on probation they would be sitting their ass at home by me or with me doing something productive like community service or working at something. They would not be running around town with other hoodlums.

    • Opinion8d

      Are you serious “Doody”? ‘Shame on their parents’??? Have you no idea about the culture that exists in the hood? There are no parents, no discipline, no respect, no morals or values. How you and the rest of the civilized society would deal with their kids is completely foreign to them. Most likely your kid wouldn’t be involved in something to be on probation in the first place. These kids are 13 and 15 -can’t even legally drive..and their stealing cars!! Maybe we should make it illegal to drive without a license….sorry, that’s another topic!

  • Clinton

    There is no hope whatsoever that these punks can be rehabilitated. Incarceration for long periods of time is the only answer to rid the streets of these animals. Judges who have their heads up their arses need to be voted out of their cushy jobs.

  • Jen

    Huge shout out to the police who are chasing kids at the height of their physical ability…and to the citizen who called in the stranger.

  • Gary Schultz

    State law limits what judges must do to juveniles in these situations. The state needs to change the law forcing judges to provide harsher punishments

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