“Crackhead ghetto piece of…” Investigation underway after WI lawmaker receives threatening letter

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MADISON -- A letter sent to Wisconsin Representative Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee) is being investigated for threatening language. Barnes says the letter is a response to a series of tweets he posted on Twitter regarding the mass shooting in Orlando.

The letter arrived at Barnes' office in Madison on Tuesday, June 28th. It was allegedly post-marked from Baltimore, Maryland.

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

Rep. Mandela Barnes

Rep. Mandela Barnes

The note is riddled with profanities and accuses Barnes of being a jihadi. The letter calls Barnes a "crackhead ghetto piece of (expletive)."

"There`s the immediate racism. You can`t even imagine that level of hate even exists," Barnes said.

The letter reads: "You can tell your jihadi comrades that the white trash infidels out here in fly-over land are armed to the teeth."

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

"I`m not even Muslim. I`m Christian," Barnes said.

The letter is signed with a symbol used by the Zodiac Killer and a slogan associated with pro-Second Amendment activists.

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

Letter sent to Rep. Mandela Barnes

Barnes believes the letter is the result of some tweets he wrote after the mass shooting in Orlando.

In a tweet on the day 49 people were killed inside Pulse, a gay nightclub, Barnes asked his followers: "How many people have been driven to hate and act violently towards the LGBT community by 'conservative Christian' ideology?"

Rep. Mandela Barnes

"These remarks were taken intentionally out of context by some very conservative commentators in an effort to discredit me," Barnes said.

Barnes claims he was urging Christians to be kinder and more accepting of gays and lesbians.

Barnes, a Democrat, says this tweet and others were re-tweeted and gained traction among some conservatives. He believes that's what sparked the person to write the letter.

FOX6's Bret Lemoine: "But we don`t know it`s coming from a conservative."

"Right, right. But the first attack -- my words were taken out of context," Barnes said.

Orlando mass shooting

Orlando mass shooting

Barnes says the letter was sent from Baltimore, Maryland, and Capitol police are investigating. Barnes said the language used is concerning.

"It`s one of those things that, you know, shouldn`t happen. Right? Regardless of where we are in any sort of disagreement," Barnes said.

Capitol police told FOX6 News they are investigating.


  • Fred

    so only this guy has freedom of speech to twitter whatever he wants however expects that the rest of us DONT???what a fn marxist POS…would love to know the contents of the letter, as it stands now this is a one sided story…my advice dont tweet stuff if you cant handle a reaction….zodiac killer???wow man you stupid

  • Alpha Co.

    Hey Barney, you are in that job because of a political correct, affirmative action society. You sent your tweet as a way to disguise the actual case of that shooting. The shooter was a Muslim Islamic Extremist/Terrorist! I’m also sure with the level of intelligence you possess, you blame the weapon used and not the person. Allow me to clear up what that letter is trying to tell you. Your kind of thought process is what has destroyed this once great country. Your level of stupidity and ability to hold a position of any kind in government, is what is wrong with this country. At some point the level of frustration and anger will erupt in this country and I’m guessing you have no idea of that. Here is something to think about. Your side (the left) is all about no guns, gun free zones and hugs for criminals and terrorist. The other side is opposite of all that and ready to fight for independence and freedom from a tyrannical enemy, both foreign and domestic. Now, I’m no Vegas betting person, but if I had to place odds on which side will prevail and destroy the other, I’m going to pick those conservatives and constitutionalist, not only in flyover country, but everywhere else they are stationed! Even the biggest bully can have their nose broken off their face! And your side (the left) has been the biggest bully in societies playground for a long time now!

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