Woman says she took her dog to the groomer — and got the wrong dog back

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NEW YORK -- A Queens family took their $2,000 dollar dog to the groomer and got the wrong dog back. Now, they're trying to find out who took their pet.

"Hope needs to come home. We're going to miss her," Sandra Jaikissoon, her owner said.

She said all she wanted to do is pamper her two-year-old shitzu named "Hope" on June 15th at Puppy Land on Lefferts Boulevard. Now her dog is gone.

"We are wondering what is going through her mind. What is she eating? Where is she sleeping?" Jaikissoon said.

The groomer told her the dog looks different because the hair is shorter from the haircut. However, Jaikissoon's dog is neutered and has a chip. The dog she was given does not.

She immediately took the dog back to Puppy Land. And with help from police, she got the groomer to confess in writing the mix-up.

The shop owner also gave her photos from his surveillance cameras of who he believes has her dog.

But he told Jaikissoon he can't remember the customer's name or number.

PIX11 tried tracking down the groomer -- but had no luck His business has been closed the past few days.


Jaikissoon is hoping someone will notice they have the wrong pet in their house. She's asking anyone whose pet was groomed at Puppy Land on June 15th to get it scanned immediately.