Large police presence in Sherman Park as crowds of kids gather for second straight night

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MILWAUKEE -- Law enforcement is saturating Sherman Park Thursday evening, June 30th after a violent Wednesday night. Dozens of young people filled the park fighting, throwing bricks and smashing windows.Sherman Park

Near 39th and Burleigh on Thursday, dozens of people gathered again in the park.

According to police, there have been two arrest -- one for disorderly conduct and another who had outstanding warrants.

So far Thursday evening, there hasn't been any property damage.Sherman Park

Sunshine on Thursday afternoon brought kids to the playground, people to the court and teams to the field.

As children play, law enforcement kept a watchful eye trying to prevent what happened the previous night.

"It was just a feeling of, here we go again," said Vaun Mayes Bey, community activist.

Vaun Mayes Bey

Vaun Mayes Bey

It's a scene Vaun Mayes Bey was afraid would happen.

"It had been a constant thing of children being jumped on, assaults, weapons being brought here," said Mayes Bey.

The community activist has been doing his own patrols. He says he was told about violence in the area in early June, and this has been his daily routine.

"We just decided to come up here and try to make the park safe for everyone to be here," said Mayes Bey.Sherman Park

Wednesday night, he wasn't able to be at the park as teens smashed a gas station window, and a brick was thrown at a Milwaukee County bus.

At one point a teen was seen throwing a rock at a deputy. Sherman Park6

"If I'd of been up there maybe I could have done something," said Mayes Bey.

As another evening approaches, Mayes Bey and officers will be out, too -- hopeful peace remains.

"Just trying to make sure the park is safe for people to bring their kids to," said Mayes Bey.

Milwaukee police say they didn't make any arrests Wednesday evening, and they continue to investigate.

No one was injured during this incident.


  • Opinion8d

    @Amerikiss – Thank you very much for you information. It’s too bad new organizations don’t really dig into stories. I am always leery of ‘community activists’.

  • phacepalm

    This all started back in the early 1980’s when our welfare system gave anyone bennies who have lived in Wisconsin 6 months. North Chicago & Chicago Gang Bangers with their parents and all other Chicago scum came up to freeload. And 3 or 4? generations later we have this BS happening now.,

  • Tattaglia

    Looks like all the scum have come to roost. All the billary the butcher voters are out in droves. I’m sure this is a diversion so the clintonites visit with the AG gets swept under the rug along with their foundation emails which they now requested a 27 month delay. This is unbelievable. Nigel from the UK was right. No one is laughing now.. They should move to indict for treason immediately and jail all the curfew violators.

  • Amerikiss

    I will repeat myself since someone felt the need to delete my comment. Please correct your information, Fox6. That’s man’s name is not Vaun Mayes Bey. It is Van Mayes. He was arrested for car theft in 2005. He is the founder of the F***YoFlag movement, which advocates showing emotions toward the US by standing on the flag. He was the one filming when a friend of his burned a flag downtown while the Republicans were visiting. Yes, he does volunteer and coordinate marches for safety. However, his own group, which he helped found kicked him out due to his behavior.

  • Jim

    If they would have been arrested on night one night two would have never happened! OOOOH wait some libiTURD judge would have let them out to riot again. Milwaukee’s revolving door justice system at work.

  • Angry Dad

    Your right about less police, but that only makes it more dangerous for the thugs and the ignorant white liberals who don’t see danger when a pack of black youths approach. Expect white liberals to be attacked and expect a ccw holder to stop the attacker(s) dead. Cry me a river when it happens.

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