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Officers in riot gear respond to Sherman Park for group breaking windows, throwing rocks at police

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police officers were called out to Sherman Park, near 39th and Burleigh around 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday night, June 29th for a large disturbance.

Sherman Park

Sherman Park

Police say a group was throwing rocks and bottles and had damaged a window of a nearby gas station and the window of a Milwaukee County Transit bus.

Along with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, MPD was able to disperse the crowd.

No arrests were made and no officers were injured.

Sherman Park

Sherman Park

MPD is working to identify the people involved in this incident and is coordinating with the Sheriff’s Office and the Parks Department to ensure additional resources are deployed in the area.

Sherman Park

Sherman Park

Sherman Park

Sherman Park

This was the second time police were called to Sherman Park in one night. Around 8:15 p.m., officers responded to the park for a group of people lighting a trash can on fire.

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

BP gas station near Sherman Park

That group cleared the park around 9:15 p.m. But officers were back on the scene in less than an hour.


Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • head hunter

    so all these churches and different groups are really doing what they pledged! this is a city out of control and where was mccheese if he cares so much, probably didnt want to get his ass beat again!!

  • ibn nate

    Come on black Milwaukee; this definitely is not the path you want to traverse! You need to start at home and in your neighborhoods. Block watch committees must be established throughout the inner city, and this will surely help reduce crime. It is real simple; if you see something, inform the authorities. But rioting against the ones that help protect the society is complete insanity. It will only lead to more unruly behavior in YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS, and then authorities will have a legitimate reason to exterminate you and impose a curfew. I’m not saying the police are infallible, but we kill each other more than they kill us, so if we respect each other and unite, then everyone else will respect us. Do you have any common sense?

  • BG

    I would be afraid to attend the county fireworks in Milwaukee parks. So no waterholes or dogs when the police arrived???? That’s coming next ! just sad to see this city going backwards!!!!

  • Canadian observer

    I find it astonishing that , unless you look carefully in the background, all you can see in the 4 pictures are police officers ! As if the readers won’t be able to guess what the juveniles look like. Pure silliness. Mind you, our own ‘juneviles’ in Canada act pretty much the same, it’s just the we have the good fortune to have less of them.

  • Gary Hamilton

    I imagine this won’t be the first time ever this happens in our liberal system. Our judicial system won’t make an example out of these useless pieces of society and their friends will look up to them for going after the police. Thank God such an outstanding mayor was reelected and put useless Flynn in charge again!

  • Marquetta D Hayes

    There are a few problems in society today, one being that parents are not allowed to whoop ass like they did back in the day. Now the police want to do all the beating themselves and real parents are being punished for doing what they should to train these kids. The people who are reproducing is also a huge problem. Why are people allowed to have children without standards being put in place? We as a country are not that bright either, because we recruit young people to fight for our country and these are the upstanding individuals who want to make something of themselves. I say let’s start sending all these fools to fight in wars since they don’t care about life. As far as keeping people who live on the north side in that area that is ridiculous because not everyone who lives there is there doing harm. It’s time for America to become a little smarter.

  • Penny

    These are not africans. These are African americans. There is a difference. You ignorant white american.

  • Steven Rhodes

    How do we know these were know these were Black youth? Oh Yea, Because the MEDIA didn’t show any pictures of the rioters (just the cops) and they didn’t list any names, because Tyronne, and LeQueisha are to easy to figure out.

  • Michael Neils

    Tear gas. Arrest them all. Run for wants, warrants, parole and probation violations. Then CONVICT the wanted, warranted, and parole/probation violators. Send them to jail/prison. Truth not deletion.

  • Harley Quinn

    Its time we get all of the true biker gangs and street racers and have them join forces, armed to the teeth, roll up in the bad neighborhoods and start going all Iraq on these people. No arrest, just lives. Or, we can release another crime fighting cougar. Remember when that cougar was on the loose and crime was minimal those few weeks?

  • Scott

    It’s always been bad. Song called “You Are A Fluke Of The Universe from about 1970 (it’s on YouTube) has a line “no matter what misfortune may be your lot, it could only be worse in Milwaukee”.
    That’s the perspective of the Canadian guy that re-wrote the lyrics.

  • Solozzo

    Eh, these animals have no regard for decent hard working blacks that live in this neighborhood. They must be hunted down and charged with crimes against humanity. Only one can guess with a hot summer and some hot head thugs it will not be a very pleasant place in Milwaukee. The whole inner city is quite the wasteland thanks to years of democratic payouts for votes. Vote for the party of emancipation and free yourselves from the bonds of Billary the Butcher of Benghazi.


    I’m almost sad that police responded. I’d like to see the limit that these people would be willing to go to. This is their community.

    • Cameron

      The police should stand down and let natural selection run it’s course. These folks have zero respect for police anyway.

  • Annie

    Oh, it was a “melee.” So were the police officers wearing “melee gear?” It was a riot; hence, riot gear!!!!

  • Jim

    Come on people you know they were just upset that school was out for the summer and wanted to go back to further there education. They are all good kids!!!!

  • Black Lives don't matter to anyone apparently

    Black lives matter don’t ya know? Oh, I guess that doesn’t count when they are performing their thuggery and destroying their own neighbor’s (and Milwaukee County) property.

  • Make America White Again

    You give these people so many opportunity to change and elevate themselves and yet they don’t do anything to change their place in life. This is why we need to end welfare in the inner city.

  • Qu!rk

    Blame the officials, the lack of police… Where’s accountability where it’s due? Where’s the peraonal responsibility?

    The kids’ situations need to change. They deserve more involved parents. They owe it to themselves to think more highly of themselves as individuals. Better self-esteem.

    They deserve constructive activities with people who genuinely and actively care; the lack of which, is the true crime here. This is the next generation of Milwaukeeans! It’s all such a shame.

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