Oh, the June we had!

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With the weather always changing in Wisconsin, we wanted to summarize the month of June for you. Data comes from the National Weather Service, and does not include today: June 30th.

June So FarIn terms of Precipitation, it’s been a drier June than normal. Up to June 29th, we have had 2.64” of rain, which is 1.14” behind the average. However, do keep in mind that tonight (June 30th) we should be making up for it a little bit.  In our year to date numbers, we are at 11.45”, which is a substantial 4.96” below average. It’s certainly been a dry year in Southeastern Wisconsin.

On the other hand, we have no “deficits” with temperature. This month we had only 8 days below average, and 21 days at or above average temperatures. We actually had 3 days this month at 90 degrees or above! It’s been a warmer June than usual.

It’s been a windy month, with 10 days that had average winds of greater than 10 miles per hour. Our gustiest day of the month in Milwaukee was June 5th, with gusts up to 43 miles per hour that day.

Here is the raw data:


  • Month to date: 2.64‘’ (1.14’’ behind normal in June)
  • Year to date: 11.45’’ (4.96’’ behind normal in year)


  • 8 days below average temperature
  • 2 days at average temperature
  • 19 days above average temperature
  • Fun fact: we had 3 days at 90 or above!


  • 10 days with average winds of > 10 mph.
  • June 5th, gusts up to 43 mph.