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Sweet solution: Can this chocolate calm your traffic-induced road rage?

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MILWAUKEE -- 'Tis the season for construction. Let's face it, it's everywhere -- from the interstate to local villages. The good news is, a local chocolate company has something sweet enough to mellow out anyone's traffic-induced road rage. Fazio's Chocolate in Elm Grove has just released a new line of construction chocolates.

The five piece collection includes:

  • Concrete Crunch: Milk chocolate, cocoa nib truffle rolled in a playful peanut brittle crunch.
  • Cement Mixer: Hand-rolled cookies and cream truffle.
  • Road Block: Multi-chocolate shell containing a truffle filled with peanuts, raisins and a creamy chocolate ganche.
  • Detour This: Mint chocolate truffle
  • Construction Cone Orange: Mandarin orange zest in a dark chocolate shell.