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“A horror story:” Officer uses deadly force, fatally shoots Washington County man

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WASHINGTON COUNTY -- A 57-year-old man is dead after the Village of Jackson police are called to a home on Stonewall Drive south of Highland Road Friday evening, July 1st. Family says their mother was being held by a man at knifepoint. Police rushed in and killed him.Washington County

Investigators remain on the scene Saturday evening.

They were called to the home before 7:00 p.m. Friday night.

Family tells FOX6 News it was a domestic situation they never expected -- when they heard the news they rushed to be by their mother's side.

"It's a horror story," said Michelle Eskildsen, woman's daughter. Washington County

It's a trip back to Jackson, Michelle Eskildsen never expected to take.

"Everything hits you so close to home," said Eskildsen.

Michelle Eskildsen

Michelle Eskildsen

Eskildsen returns to the normally quiet neighborhood that is now surrounded by investigators -- her mother's home covered in crime tape.

"Something you never expect to have to deal with," said Eskildsen.

Police were called to the scene Friday evening, and neighbors watched as officers rushed inside.

"We watched a bunch of cops go in, enter their condo," said Jessie Schumacher, neighbor.

"They pulled their guns immediately," said Lee Bateman, neighbor. 

"I opened the garage door and the place was flooded with police cars and crime scene tape," said David Abuya, neighbor.

Investigators say a Jackson officer shot and killed a 57-year-old man inside the home. Jackson

Eskildsen says it was her mother's estranged boyfriend. She says he was armed with a knife and threatening her mother.

"We're just not sure what made him snap or go to this extent," said Eskildsen.

Eskildsen's mother was taken to the hospital.

"She's doing well and is recovering," said Eskildsen.

Even with the outcome, a family is grateful a call for help was answered.

"Thankful the police were able to get here when they did," said Eskildsen.

No officers were injured during this incident. An outside agency has

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is now leading the investigation.



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    Yes Dick you moron they are all bribe taking officials. Maybe you should stay out of trouble since your post indicates you were in trouble with the law.

  • KaitiLu

    Hey, Dick. Law abiding citizens don’t feel this way. What is your problem? Sounds like Law Enforcement did an outstanding job and saved a life. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Jackson Sucks

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  • School for kids that read...good

    The article specifically states the man was 57 years old. Did you read the article or just the headline?

  • Carole Behling

    I don’t know what Spammy means. It was a legitimate criticism. Your headline was overly dramatic and implied that the policeman had possibly acted irresponsibility. Once you read the story you realized he was a hero.

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