Boy arrested after allegedly stealing car from dealership, leading police on chase, crashing

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MOUNT PLEASANT -- A 13-year-old boy was arrested early Monday, July 4th after allegedly burglarizing a car dealership in Mount Pleasant, stealing a car and then crashing that vehicle. Officials say they are searching for four other persons in connection with this case.

Mount Pleasant police were on patrol around 2:30 a.m. Monday when they came across multiple vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. Some of the vehicles had no headlamps on.

Police attempted to stop the vehicles, but the vehicles fled from officers -- leading them on a pursuit.

Due to the high rate of speed and reckless nature of the suspects' driving, officers terminated the pursuit. Police estimate the suspects reached speeds between 85-100 miles per hour before officers chose to stop the chase.

A few minutes later, officers came across one of the vehicles that had crashed into the median on State Highway 20/Washington Avenue west of West Road. Officers observed the crashed vehicle was on fire -- and they extinguished it.

Crash after burglary at car dealership in Mount Pleasant

Officers took into custody a 13-year-old boy who had allegedly stolen the vehicle, described by neighbors as a minivan.

"You heard a big bang and then you just heard glass breaking. I first thought somebody was trying to break into the house," Kathy Vogt said.

Crash after burglary at car dealership in Mount Pleasant

"Came out, saw all kinds of cops yelling at someone to get on the ground and a car in the ditch," Jennifer Sabin said.

Crash after burglary at car dealership in Mount Pleasant

It was later discovered the boy and several other suspects had committed a burglary at the Porcaro Ford dealership in Mount Pleasant. Officials say substantial damage was done to the business. FOX6 News found the service door shattered Monday.

Porcaro Ford dealership in Mount Pleasant

Porcaro Ford dealership in Mount Pleasant

"When I heard on the news this morning that Porcaro had cars stolen from the lot, I was a little concerned that mine was still here," Deanna Johnson said.

Fortunately, Johnson learned Monday her car is fine.

"It`s pretty sad that kids that young are stealing cars nowadays," Johnson said.

Porcaro Ford dealership in Mount Pleasant

Police say the suspects stole the vehicles and were fleeing the scene when officers discovered them. According to police, all three stolen vehicles are property of the dealership.

Two of the vehicles are 2016 and 2017 Ford Escapes that were being prepared for customers. The third vehicle is a Ford transit van that was taken from the lot; that's the vehicle that was involved in the wreck on Highway 20 near West Rd.

The 13-year-old boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. He now faces numerous charges.

Police say he had a warrant out for his arrest in connection to a burglary in Milwaukee County.

Porcaro Ford dealership in Mount Pleasant

Again, four other persons are being sought in this case. Officials also say there is surveillance video of the initial incident. Police say from that video, it appears all five suspects are in their early to late teens.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


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  • Bill W

    People have already been killed from these kids stealing cars. Everyone keeps voting for the people that make the policies, time to lay in the bed you made.

    • Michael Neils

      Bill W: Thankfully don’t live there. But I would have voted for Bob D., if I did. The sad part is, there are fewer hard working caring folks who would vote out the useless then there are those who want no jail time and all the free taxpayer goodies they can grab. Remember they had the highest turn out ever, and it was all the gimme crowd who “won”.

  • ManfromNeptune (@ManfromNeptune)

    At 13 this boy is already a hardened criminal, with a prior. If people become hardened by 13 in general, no amount of money spent on education, job creation, or anything else will really help. Such need to be locked up until about age 50, after which the criminal nature will be burned out.

    • Enough is enough

      Remember destruction of personal property or driving without the owners consent isn’t serious enough. He actually has to kill someone in a car incident. (its not an accident) for something to be done. Repeat offender big time.


    Too bad it wasn’t a big tree that thuglet didn’t hit. Would have been good for most involved.

  • Enough is enough

    Send ALL of them to the military so they can fight for our country or to make it a better place… Surely they can find something for all of them to do. Possibly driving without the owners consent? hmm… Luckily they terminated the pursuit because if anyone of those 4 outstanding citizens would have got killed it would have been a multimillion dollar law suit for not allowing them to steal or joyride.

  • Barney

    This wouldn’t have happened back in the 50’s and 60’s. I see the only statistic that sheds light on why this and many crimes are committed by these young felons. 24 percent of mothers were unwed back during that time versus 72 percent today, Per black community statistics and not disputed. It also states it’s a behavioral problem among blacks and not racism. Whites during that same era were only at 7 percent and in the same income level. Comes down to culture and family. So let’s drop the finger pointing to each other. Only need to point to the democrats that fed these people non stop entitlements for votes. Don’t want to here the truth, then your part of the problem and directly responsible as a voter for anyone that gets maimed by these felons. The democrats are feeding on the black community for their votes and give them nothing but misery in the end. They know it and so do everyone else but won’t talk about it will they..

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