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“A restricted grand finale:” Parks officials say no ‘Blow Up the Beach’ at South Shore Frolics

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BAY VIEW -- Is it the beginning of the end of "Blow Up the Beach?" The controversy continues surrounding the popular South Shore Frolics fireworks finales.

Janine Sijan Rozina

Janine Sijan Rozina

"The South Shore Frolics is part of Bayview tradition, and I'm all for tradition, particularly in neighborhoods that my family had been a huge part of supporting for years and years," Janine Sijan Rozina said.

Rozina says her South Shore home has been in her family for 57 years -- and she is a long-time supporter of the popular annual South Shore Frolics.

"We loved it. There was a local sponsor for the fireworks, and it was Leon's Custard, and we all loved it," Rozina said.

South Shore Frolics

South Shore Frolics

But these days, Rozina says she's not a fan of the event's fireworks finale -- specifically, the portion known as "Blow Up the Beach."

"Our foundations shake, and then I can tell you from being here for years and years and years, the aftermath of that 'Blow Up The Beach' now is everybody is feeling much more aggressive when they leave," Rozina said.

This aggression, Rozina said, is then shared with neighbors -- who want nothing to do with it.

South Shore Frolics fireworks

Dave Reszel

Dave Reszel

Dave Reszel, a member of the South Shore Lions Club, which organizes the South Shore Frolics says the event itself, which features three levels of security shouldn't bear the blame.

"It has become a societal issue, in many ways. People don't have the manners. People are rude. We can't control that," Reszel said.

Regardless, Reszel on Monday, July 4th shared an update on the status of the fireworks finale.

"Last Friday, July 1st, we received an email from Milwaukee County Parks that we are going to have a restricted grand finale, that will not include 'Blow Up The Beach,'" Reszel said.

South Shore Water Frolics

South Shore Water Frolics

This, after Alderman Tony Zielinski told FOX6 News in late June that the "Blow Up the Beach" grand finales at the fireworks shows on July 15th and 16th would be back for the 2016 festival.

That news came after a vote in June during a meeting held to discuss "Blow Up the Beach." The vote was 60-21 to do away with the fireworks finales.

Alderman Zielinski indicated in a Facebook post on Friday, June 24th the following:

"Given that there are those that feel the notice for the meeting was not clear I will support the fireworks as they have been launched in the past."

As evidence of what Reszel calls the peaceful nature of the South Shore Frolics, he pointed to 2015, when they only had one arrest, and that he said, was for an outstanding warrant.

South Shore Frolics

South Shore Frolics

Reszel said he expects more developments leading up to the South Shore Frolics -- set for July 15, 16, and 17 in Bay View.

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