“We really celebrate:” Three generations of Missouri family born on the Fourth of July!

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ST. JOSEPH, Missouri — The Fourth of July means celebrating more than just America’s birthday for a Missouri family. Three generations were all born on the same day — July 4th!

“We don’t think of it as each individual birthday. We just think of it as all of our birthdays — to get together and celebrate for all of us. It’s nice,” Nona Sanders, first generation said.

This photo of the three was taken 32 years ago, on Philip Sanders’ (third generation) first birthday:

“It’s really strange,” Nona Sanders said.

“He was actually delivered by C-section, but it was an emergency C-section. My wife was in labor and he was in distress, so it ended up being he was born on the 4th,” Phil Sanders, second generation said.

“It never really bothered me or anything that I had the same birthday as both my nana and my dad,” Philip Sanders, third generation said.

Over the years, the family has made a point to have some sort of celebration on the Fourth of July.

“We really celebrate just about every year,” Nona Sanders said.

But for the last five years, that hasn’t been as easy.

“With my work and my son’s work. My son was in the Army. I think that made me appreciate more the Independence Day part of it instead of just our family,” Phil Sanders said.

Philip Sanders was able to make it back for the holiday this year — which has a greater meaning to the three Sanders.

“I’m excited to be back here and celebrating — especially my nana’s 80th birthday,” Philip Sanders said.

The family was able to get together and re-enact that same photo taken 32 years ago.

Nona Sanders said she wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate her 80th birthday any other way.

“This is just really special. We’re all here and my grandkids are all teenagers or up, so it’s nice to be here all together,” Nona Sanders said.

Philip Sanders said he and his wife were hoping to have one of their two kids on the Fourth of July — but they missed that date.

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