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Former MPS teacher’s aide pleads no contest after altercation with student

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY — 39-year-old Jasmine Pennix — the former Bay View High School teacher’s aide charged following an altercation with a student that was caught on camera -- pleaded no contest on Wednesday, July 6th.

Pennix initially faced one count of child abuse, intentionally causing harm -- and faced up to six years in prison. But instead, he is now pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Fight at Bay View H.S. caught on video

Fight at Bay View H.S. caught on video

The judge in this case then sentenced Pennix to three days already served -- plus court costs.

Video of the incident, which happened on April 20th, went viral. It shows the former teacher’s aide shoving a 14-year-old student to the ground.

"He was antagonized and what we could show was premeditation and I think we could have very easily have argued consent and I think we could have argued self -defense," said Steven Kohn, defense attorney.

Cohn wanted to go to trial, but he said he wasn't the one facing a felony. Pennix was -- and he decided to make the plea to misdemeanor battery.

Fight at Bay View H.S. caught on video

Fight at Bay View H.S. caught on video

"I'm trying to be about somebody with substance. And unfortunately, this particular thing happened on this day. I can't take it back. I wish I could. I wish it never took place," Pennix said in court Wednesday.

Because Pennix had no criminal record, the prosecutor wanted to limit the sentence, but wanted to use Pennix as an example.

"The fact that he's been convicted of this now will hopefully send a message....consequences if you cross that line," said Kevin Shomin, prosecutor.


  • Klaatu

    This man should get an award for civil service instead of being in court. Our system is so screwed up. The bleeding hearts shelter the criminals, protect the unruly kids and condemn those who have the courage to fight back and do the right thing. The ‘poor child’ in question here who was ‘attacked’ by this man is a POS useless waste of life who is doing nothing but moving forward in a life of crime. The kid needs the snot kicked out of him to teach him a lesson. Throw the punk in jail and promote Mr. Pennix to the position of ‘Behavior Monitor’ at the school. Remember when the nuns used to smack us with rulers and wooden pointer sticks when we got out of hand? Gee, we didn’t go out stealing cars at gunpoint after that.

  • Stupid is as Stupid Does

    Yeah…. this guy doesn’t deserve jail time… the kid he ‘corrected’ was in need of correction…. or at least the Corrections Dept. services. Let it be known to parents that if your child behaves like a thug, in a classroom or elsewhere, there are still decent, caring people out there that will put them in place, and a message to all these thug carjackers, we, the residents of the Milwaukee area are done with you, and there are several of us legally armed and waiting to be your next intended victim. We’ve had it with the bs politics and impotent leaders of this community, and just like this teachers aide, won’t stand for anymore of your thuggery. Parents, if you can’t control your kids, we will, or we will put them down….permanently. My suggestion is to warn them and keep your eyes open. Because when one does get killed because of their own stupid and criminal actions, and you start beefing your BLM bs, we don’t want to hear it. Black men kill more black men in one week than white (or black) cops kill in an entire year. If BLM, then why don’t you inform the rest of your race?

  • Michael Neils

    This was the kid that put someone else in the hospital with a chunk of ice right? and 1 or 2 other things were pending on him? How do we know this wasn’t a set up like that other kid tried to sue the school?

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