‘How dare you!’ Police officer shares powerful response to fatal shooting of Alton Sterling

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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — An Ohio police officer has shared a powerful message millions are watching after yesterday’s police-involved shooting of a man in Louisiana.

37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot to death as he lay on the ground with two police officers on top of him Tuesday morning.

A video of the incident posted to social media has sparked national attention. Many questions remain unanswered.

In her own video posted Wednesday, Nakia Jones recounted the painful moments she felt after hearing about Sterling’s death and how he was killed.

“It tore me up, because I got to see what you all see,” she said. “If I wasn’t a police officer…I would be saying, ‘look at this racist stuff, look at this’. And it hurt me.”

Jones says she became a police officer in 1996 to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

“I knew what it was like to have a parent on drugs,” she said. “I knew what it was like to watch people be picked on and bullied on…I said I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to be that change. So I became that change.”

“I said I will serve and protect my community by all costs, even if it meant I wouldn’t go home to my one-year-old daughter,” she continues.

She said she wears her uniform proudly. She’s taken guns out of the hands of children and has delivered news to parents that their child would never come home.

“What hurts me the most is people who stood in front of a judge, in front of a mayor, and said I swear my oath I will serve and protect this community…if you are white and you work in a black community and you are a racist, you should be ashamed of yourself. If this is not where you want to work at, you need to take your behind somewhere else.”

“How dare you stand next to me in the same uniform and murder somebody. How dare you. You should be ashamed of yourself,” she said.

Jones posted the video Wednesday, and it’s already been viewed more than 2.6 million times. It’s been shared more than 109,000 times.

The hashtag #OfficerNakiaJones is also trending on social media.

Jones wrote this separate post earlier in the day:


  • Breonte Johnson

    I bet you watched those videos of black men being murdered with a smile on your face and a white napkin with holes cut out around the eyes over your face

  • Tom Barrett

    I’m glad you have it all figured out Nakia. The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is leading an investigation into what happened. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I can wait for the investigation to be completed. We all remember what happened in Ferguson, MO.

    • Educated Gentleman (@ChibaTm)

      You mean like that muslim that shot up a bunch of gays in Orlando? He’s innocent, right? I mean, he’s never seen the inside of a courtroom, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge him as anything but another gudboy who didnu nuffin wrong, right?

  • Educated Gentleman (@ChibaTm)

    So what happens when a black cop is the one that is forced to shoot a violent dindunuffin? Oh, that’s right… it’s still a race thing, because the Dindu Tribes hate respectable blacks even more than white people.

    If blacks welcome so much violence against cops, maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll get curbstomped by some ghetto trash next time she tries to enforce the law. (Aw, wait… I doubt this “officer” would ever even bother to stop let alone arrest a fellow dindu.)

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